Hallelujah! 20 Affordable Bridesmaids Dresses Under $200

While being chosen to be a friend’s bridesmaid is always an honor, let’s get real—it can also be quite expensive! The never ending costs associated with bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and far-flung destination weddings is enough to leave anyone’s bank account hurting. And that’s all without factoring in one of the most important elements of all: the bridesmaid dress.

Thankfully, these days, if you look hard enough, it’s easier than ever to find an affordable, but ultra chic bridesmaid dress. No boring strapless dresses in uniform colors here! Instead, we have a little something for everyone: From flowy boho styles and backless designs to contemporary silhouettes and lace-trimmed cocktail dresses, this is the roundup every future bride needs to forward to her bridal party.