Fleur Home x Riley Sheehey—The OTM Exclusive Mirror Collaboration You Need to See to Believe

By Shayna Seid
Photo: Courtesy of Amy Berry

Artist Riley Sheehey, whose work has appeared embroidered on linens and painted on picnic baskets for Over The Moon, has another collaboration debuting—this time with the new mirror brand Fleur Home. The Fleur Home x Riley Sheehey collection is exclusive to Over The Moon and launches today!

Fleur Home founder and fellow artist Natalie Erwin came across Riley’s paintings and illustrations through her friend and jewelry designer Nicola Bathie, who had worked with Riley in the past. “Natalie explained that she was planning on launching a line of bespoke mirrors and wanted to collaborated on designs,” Riley remembers. “She showed me the inspiration images: a dress from Botticelli’s Primavera and an antique, botanical painting of auricula flowers—and, I knew [immediately that] we’d be a perfect match!”

This particular series of mirrors—consisting of two large styles, two smaller styles, and one vanity size—is a grandmillennial dream and dubbed the Garden District Collection as Fleur Home is heavily inspired by New Orleans, the brand’s home base. “I was lucky enough to visit New Orleans a few years ago with my now-husband and LOVED everything about it—especially the beautiful buildings…and beignets!” Riley remarks. “I feel like the New Orleans aesthetic is a perfect mix of old and new, and Natalie’s artwork and designs for Fleur Home are so reflective of that.”

Riley began experimenting with painting on non-paper or canvas surfaces around five or six years ago, when she was home for Easter and ran out of paper…enter illustrating on eggs! However, this was her first time working in such a large scale. “My paintings are typically quite small, so I was also able to learn something new about myself, while working under the art direction of a very talented artist and designer,” she says.

For each of the larger mirrors (the Primrose and Jaipur styles), Riley spent about 20 hours, from start to completion—sketching, painting, scanning, and placing the artwork.

Photo: Courtesy of Amy Berry

“I just saw the photos from [interior designer] Amy Berry’s shoot [image above], and I really couldn’t have dreamed of a better place for one of the mirrors,” Riley notes. For the vanity, the artists imagines it on a bedroom dressing table—”extra points if it’s skirted!”

The Fleur Home x Riley Sheehey collaboration is now available exclusively on Over The Moon.