Mother’s Day Gift Guide: For the New Mama

By Patricia Garcia
The Tot’s Nasiba Adilova with her daughter.

Handmade cards and bouquets of flowers might cut it further down the line, but for a mom’s very first Mother’s Day, you better get her something extra special. Gifts for Mother’s Day #1 should highlight this new and exciting role in a woman’s life—think: personalized jewelry, Mommy and Me fashion—while also offering plenty of excuses for moms to indulge in a little self-care—trust us, the first year of parenting is no walk in the park.

For the new moms who might not be getting a lot of sleep (so, all of them), make nights a little more bearable by gifting them our Astrology pajamas, a pretty eye mask from Olivia Von Halle, and the miracle working Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil. For those who love taking endless photos of their newborns, Lou Lou Baker’s Baby Month cards are an obvious and visually appealing choice. Finally, we’d pressed to find a mom who doesn’t love writing about their little one’s first year in the beautifully illustrated Baby Book; a gift both mom and child can enjoy for decades to come. Below, 17 presents that will show the new mamas just how much you appreciate them.

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