The Best Items to Shop at Nordstrom’s Annual Anniversary Sale

Forget about Amazon Prime day—we’re way more excited about Nordstrom’s annual anniversary sale, which not only lasts for weeks, but features far better deals in terms of fashion. While the special early access sale kicked off last week, today Nordstrom’s shopping blitz is finally open to the public.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of discounted items, don’t worry, we have an expert on hand to help take care of your shopping anxieties. Over The Moon Market Editor Natalie Steen has pulled her 20 favorite pieces from the sale, so you no longer have to comb through pages and pages of items online. Most of the pieces on sale are meant to be worn during colder months (you won’t find bikinis and sandals in here.) But remember, in fashion,  there’s no such thing as thinking too far ahead. Consider your fall wardrobe handled.