Cabana Founder and Editor-in-Chief Martina Mondadori on Essential Travel Tips, Must-Go Spots in Italy, and More

By Shayna Seid
Photo: Martina Mondadori

As a busy summer travel season is expected and the European Union is advising the relaxation of restrictions for foreign visitors, it’s the perfect time to reboot our globe-trotting inspiration with Cabana’s homeware collection, now available on Over The Moon. Stemming from the worldly Cabana Magazine, the brand’s tableware recalls faraway places and practically buys a plane ticket to an exciting destination for you. Founded in 2014 by Martina Mondadori, Christoph Radl and Gianluca Reina, Cabana Magazine partners with luxury power players and spotlights the art, architecture, and culture of places like Morocco, Italy, the Canary Islands—practically anywhere you can reach on the globe.

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Inspired by the brand’s wanderlust ethos, who better than to guide us on future explorations than Cabana co-founder and editor-in-chief Martina Mondadori? We caught up Mondadori, who is seemingly never in one fabulous place for long before jetting off to the next, to chat all things travel, where we can’t leave Italy without visiting, and more:

The brand is so heavily influenced by travel, where are your favorite places to visit?

“I am so looking forward to coming back to the U.S., a country I love and that has given me so much over these last years. Generally speaking, I love traveling around Italy, especially Puglia and the south, and somewhere in the Middle East at least once a year.”

We read that you semi-recently moved from London to your home city of Milan, how did your time in both places influence your aesthetic?

“I see my future being split among Milan and London. They are both very efficient cities, although the small size of Milan makes it an ideal place to live and work in, as you get so much done in 24 hours. What I love the most about the English culture is their eccentricity [and] their ability to embrace all odd things and turn them into fascinating inspirations.”

What are some of your favorite restaurants, bars, and attractions in Milan?

“I love Bar Leonardo and Sissi Café. Restaurants? Any Giacomo will do. And make sure you don’t miss The Museo Poldi Pezzoli, a slightly hidden gem in the very center of Milan.”

What are some of your favorite wedding destinations? 

“Puglia, Sicily, the English countryside…And why not, a folk wedding in Romania or Hungary! I’d be there in a flash!”

Italy is full of so many romantic locations, where would you recommend our readers consider going for their honeymoon?

“There is nothing as romantic and special as the south of Italy…so I would definitely opt for Puglia, Sicily, and the lesser known region of Basilicata—Francis Ford Coppola’s place there is a must.”

Where would you like to travel to next?

Romania and Georgia—the country, not the American State.

Any must-know travel tips you’d like to share?

“By word of mouth and by six-degrees of separation, try and get as many insider’s tips as possible on any given destination. I have learned that there is always so much more to a place than what travel guides might tell you. And once you’re there, ask the locals.”

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