This Bride-To-Be Had a Styled Photo Shoot at Her Bachelorette in Ojai

By Shayna Seid

If a no-sleep all weekend, bottle service-filled, champagne flowing bachelorette isn’t your style, Ojai might be the place for your girls getaway! Lisa Conn, the founder and COO of video chat platform Icebreaker, pictured a “chic wellness retreat” for her gals, and the California town was ideal, as it’s not far from her Los Angeles home and easy for international friends to fly in and drive to. “I wanted all of my best friends—a group of incredibly ambitious and hard-working people—to leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and energized,” she says.

She chose Ojai because of its new age-y, calm, peaceful energy, and beautiful pink sunsets (perfect for the gram!). Lisa’s maid-of-honor, actress and theater company director Margaux Calla Susi, planned a packed agenda for the weekend, filled with healthy meals and gorgeous photos—and we have the itinerary!

To prep for the trip, Lisa worked with her stylist friend Allison Bornstein, and they created a Pinterest “Hot Girl Summer” mood board—colorful, fun, ’90s inspired with a nod to the easy and casual vibes of Ojai. All of Lisa’s friends were gifted Lolita cat-eye sunglasses in different colors that matched their personalities ahead of time, which created some unity to the variety of looks over the course of the days.

Where They Stayed

The group stayed at the Capri Hotel, a mid-century modern hotel built in 1963. The setting felt like a sleepover in the style of Sandra Dee from Grease, and the girls wore nighties inspired by the famous scene. They played the Newlywed Game, and Margaux had secretly filmed Lisa’s fiancé, Joe, answering the same questions about their relationship that Lisa was answering in the hotel room.

Where They Ate

Ojai is known for organic, farm-to-table cuisine, and this group took full advantage of the fresh produce, when choosing places to eat. At Farmer and The Cook, the ladies dined on Mexican food, while a local pianist took their requests to play Elton John and Al Green tunes. For vegans, Hip Vegan Cafe supplied food and juices and made for the perfect place to have a quick healthy snack in-between activities. To get a post-pool pick me up, they headed to The Nest for snacks and shaved ice. For California-Mediterranean-style tapas, they ate outside at Azu Restaurant & Bar. And finally, at The Ranch House, they gathered in a lush, outdoor setting and ate from a prix fixe menu. “Order the cheesecake. It is worth it!” Lisa recommends.

What They Did

To get in touch with the amazing natural surroundings in Ojai, the girls went on a peaceful morning horseback ride with the Ojai Valley Trail Riding Company. For a taste of the local produce, they went olive oil tasting at the Ojai Olive Oil Company, where an olive grove has been thriving since 1880. To burn off those healthy fats, the group rented bikes from The Mob Shop and rode around town. “In retrospect, this was more cute in theory than in execution, as we were riding uphill, and it was 95 degrees out, but the views and cardio boost were worth it,” says Lisa.

For a little traditional bachelorette fun, they went wine tasting at The Ojai Vineyard in town. “We sipped Syrah and danced to ’90s tunes in their private tasting room,“ the bride-to-be remembers. And they also participated in some karaoke at The Hub, a local dive bar, with performances of “Shallow” from A Star is Born, “Firework” by Katy Perry, “Suspicious Mind” by Elvis, and “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler. “The performances were stellar,” says Lisa. On a calmer note, more in-tune with Ojai’s spirit, they headed to The Day Spa of Ojai for treatments with light reiki.

One of our favorite activities from Lisa’s bachelorette was the styled photo shoot that her friends put together with local photographer Alexa Coughlin.

FYI, Meditation Mount was closed during their stay but is highly recommended for its peaceful views of citrus orchards.

Next up, the wedding! We can’t wait to see Lisa’s autumn nuptials at Chateau Marmont!