A Guide to A Country Music-Filled Bachelorette Party in Nashville

By Shayna Seid | Photography by

Jodee Debes

Have friends all over the country and looking for a bachelorette destination that’s central for everyone? How about Nashville, Tennessee? It has live music, good energy, lively bars, and lots to do during the day! Bride-to-be Morgan Jones just brought her girls to the city to celebrate, and she’s sharing her itinerary with us. “My ideal location had to fit all of us in a cute Airbnb—check. It had to have fun bars but also more unique activities to do—check. It had to be hot! I wanted the sun to be shining, so I could wear dresses and shorts all weekend, check and check,” says Morgan.

To help plan a trip for 14 ladies, Morgan’s maid of honor, Jodee Debes, stepped in. Before everyone landed, she sent a Cosmo-inspired “Meet the Ladies” magazine, so they could all get to know all the other attendees. The guide included a party hashtag (#NoMoMoJo), cute bios with Q&As, and horoscopes!

To pack for the country-music staple city, Morgan’s friend Allison brought so much glitter and colorful hair extensions, and there were also temporary tattoos of the groom—just little silly touches to elevate the weekend. For Saturday, the bride had asked everyone to dress “western.” “It was so fun to see how everyone interpreted that, from boots to fringe to jean overalls—super fun to be a collective group but not too matchy-matchy or cheesy,” says the bride. And as a crafty group activity, the girls bedazzled sunglasses.

Where They Stayed:

The group chose “the most Instagrammable Airbnb” for the weekend. “This place was truly built for bachelorette parties in mind, from the decor, big comfy beds, and gorgeous rooftop with views of the city,” says Jodee. However, the location is a bit off the radar, but Nashville is so spread out that Ubers are inevitable. 

Where They Ate:

“We really wanted to try the local cuisine but also not get stuck at two hour meals. With that in mind, several of the places we chose had incredible activities built in,” says Jodee. For a a bowling brunch, they headed to Pinewood Social and rented lanes for a few games. Listening Room Cafe was the spot for a low-key dinner with tons of local culture. Singer-songwriters perform while you eat, and you’re listening to talent who work with country stars on the reg. “Definitely a be-quiet-and-listen vibe, so I recommend for country enthusiasts but not for girls who want to get rowdy at dinner!” says Jodee. 

A trip to Nashville isn’t complete without trying hot chicken, so they headed to Puckett’s Grocery for lunch. The locals also recommended Prince’s Hot Chicken and Hattie B’s Hot Chicken, but there’s only so much time!

What They Did:

Wanting to take advantage of it not being a local destination for anyone, the girl gang took advantage of what Nashville has to offer. A tour of the Grand Ole Opry House was a treat for the country music fans. “Even the girls who don’t know country music well enjoyed it because they do such a good job on the tour showing videos and sharing stories,” says Jodee. On Saturday morning, they kicked off their day with Acme Feed & Seed’s Yoga Buzz series, where they flowed through a yoga class on the rooftop before enjoying brunch.

Bar-cycles are all over the place by Broadway. Morgan and her crew took a Sprocket Rocket party bike tour at night and then dropped themselves off at the bars to continue their evening. “Ask for DJ TJ, he’s the best!” says Jodee. Speaking of Broadway, that street is the place to be, for nightlife. At FGL House (as in the country group, Florida Georgia Line), they danced to 90s tunes, and at Honky Tonk Central, they explored the three-level bar. 

Where They Shopped:

In between all their activities, the group stopped into Lemon Lane Oil Bar to create a customized face oil. Five girls could go at one time, which made it a great group experience. They also stopped into Kristin Cavallari’s Uncommon James for a bit of jewelry shopping. “I grew up in Newport Beach, and Kristin Cavallari and I went to rival high schools during the peak popularity of Laguna Beach,” Morgan says.

It’s safe to say that if you’re a country-music-loving bride, Nashville should be at the top of your bachelorette party destinations!