Four At-Home Bridal Hairstyles From Celebrity Hair Stylists Jen Atkin and Adel Chabbi

By Arden Fanning Andrews

No need to juggle appointments. No running from place to place quietly melting down on your cell phone when you want to be comfortably wrapped in a robe sipping something sparkly. An entire budget that’s suddenly free as a bird flying on the hundred dollar bills you didn’t spend. The opportunity to do your own bridal beauty is a gift in itself. You can truly have a sense of control over your own day. And with the help of industry pros that are doling out tips they use on high-profile clients and red carpet celebs alike, you’re given a picture-window view of ways to upgrade your personal technique that can be useful in perpetuity. 

Below, our fourth volume in the At-Home Bridal Beauty Series: Hair 


“Times are very different in comparison to where we thought we were all going to be at this exact moment; doing your own hair for your wedding is both liberating and empowering,” says celebrity hairstylist and founder of OUAI, Jen Atkin. For her supermodel clients like Chrissy Teigan, Hailey Bieber, and Bella Hadid, Atkin has mastered a fuss-free approach that leans classic and cool. “If you’re still unsure about a style, there are so many tutorials out there, especially now that so many stylists are home,” she suggests. “There is something out there for whatever it is you’re looking for.”

Below, her step-by-step guide to styling two different wedding looks.

Pulled Back: Deep Parts inspired by Jil Sander  

“I love a sleek, clean look on a wedding day,” Atkin says. “This hairstyle is so easy to do at home on yourself.” 

  1. Blow-dry using the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer (medium heat and speed). Using a flat boar bristle brush, blow-dry until smooth.
  2. For a super sleek look, run a flat iron throughout, I’m loving the new Dyson Corrale
  3. Apply hair oil to roots, I would use the OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oil (apply some on your body afterward, too!)
  4. Make a clean side part or middle part (according to your preference) and brush into a ponytail using a brush with boar bristles
  5. Finish by applying a little Rose Hair and Body oil to the ponytail to finish. 

Down: Soft Texture inspired by Burberry

“Soft texture for a wedding is always so flattering on any face shape,” Atkin points out. “A pretty middle part, tucked behind the ears is so pretty and stays off the face for more comfort.” 

  1. Prep damp hair with Gisou Texturizing Wave Spray.
  2. Using the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer (high speed, medium heat), blow dry hair using a round Ibiza brush.
  3. Prep dry hair with Balmain Session Strong Hairspray and brush through.
  4. Create small bends in the hair using a flat iron like the Dyson Corrale, beveling out and in for a pretty wave/bend. 
  5. Finish by using the OUAI Finishing Creme throughout, applying a little extra to the top of the head and tucking both sides behind the ears, keeping the hair behind the shoulders. You also have the option to keep one side tucked, or pulling some pieces out around the face as well. 


“You could also dress it up a bit with accessories, they play a major role in wedding hair,” Atkin says, who loves LELET NY for their range of handmade pieces. For an updated take on embellishments, we turned to stylist Adel Chabbi, owner of Adel Atelier in New York City. Fun fact: Chabbi counts Clueless hair accessory icon Alicia Silverstone as a client. Below, he shares his own spin on ornamented styles from Christian Dior and Fendi’s lastest runways:

Updo: Embellished Bun inspired by Fendi 

This look is perfect when your dress and hair accessories are extravagant,” Chabbi notes. “It balances out the look and concentrates the attention on the bride’s beautiful facial features.”

  1. It’s best to shampoo and blow out your hair a day prior to the event to maintain the clean sleek look. Apply the Milbon Luminous Softening Oil and blow it out part by part with a big round brush.
  2.  Apply some Amazon Potion from Adel Atelier to prevent any flyaways and start brushing the hair back without parting it.
  3. Create a very tall ponytail and twist it around into a bun. Use invisible hairpins for a strong hold.
  4. Brush the hair and apply some hair spray. Decorate the look with oversized hair clips and pins.

Down: Silk-Wrapped Waves inspired by Christian Dior 

“This hairstyle is really fashionable and easy to achieve at home,” Chabbi says.  

  1. Apply heat protectant like Alterna Glow For It Universal Gloss.
  2. Blow-dry your hair using the WetBrush upside down for a very quick result and less damage to your hair.
  3. Part your hair in the middle, divide it into 6-8 parts and start curling it using the curling iron
  4. Let it cool off for 5 minutes and brush it again to loosen up the curl. Apply a few drops of an anti-frizz product like Amazon Potion from Adel Atelier.
  5. Dress it up with a silk scarf