The 29 Most Iconic Celebrity Veils of All Time: From Princess Diana to Kate Moss And More

By Maria Ward

If the dress makes the wedding, a veil makes the bride. It is perhaps the single most symbolic accessory a woman will ever wear, beyond, of course, the wedding band and engagement ring. A matrimonial custom that is recognized by cultures around the globe, the veil is your crowning glory and a ritual that brides have long since celebrated throughout history. Donning the wedding veil is a practice that dates back to ancient times; the accouterment landed on the world stage when Queen Victoria became the first monarch to be married in a veil, setting a romantic new standard for centuries that many continue to subscribe to today.

In fact, Over The Moon founder Alexander Macon says that some of the best modern-day veils are so transformative that brides may want to consider starting with the accessory and working backward to find a dream wedding dress to match. Case in point: Monvieve—a New York–based brand celebrated for bespoke veils from Italy that marry exquisite fabrications and craftsmanship. One memorable example is Harley Viera-Newton. When she said “I do” in a Monvieve in a veil finished with French lace, it took her Valentino dress to an ethereal be  “When you look closely, there are tiny pieces of crystal sewn into the lace, which caught the light as I moved.” the bride said at the time. In celebration of the time-tested tradition, we rounded up 29 of the best celebrity veils history to inspire your own crowning glory.