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This Bride was the 8th Woman in the Groom’s Family to Wear His Great Grandmother’s Veil

By  Over The Moon | Photography by 

Virgil Bunao

Written by Sarah Lyon

When Brieanna Lee Logue, the PR manager for Discover South Carolina, returned home from work on January 24th, 2020, she didn’t expect to be greeted with a ring from her boyfriend of three years, Carey Parker Burnett, Jr. “I knew a proposal was around the corner but was honestly completely surprised,” Brie reflects. “Parker had roses and a scrapbook he made with all of our photos throughout our relationship. I think the normalcy of the day made the proposal unanticipated. He got down on one knee right in our living room.” 

Brie and Parker’s engagement occurred before the pandemic, and they planned to marry in 2020. “As the months went by, we drastically cut our wedding from 300 people to around 60,” Brie says. “We were very lucky that our venues were able to accommodate us with restrictions and that we were able to have our family and close friends celebrate with us.” 

Right away, Brie knew that she wanted photographer Virgil Bunao to shoot her wedding. “I had admired Virgil’s work for years; he shot a friend’s wedding in Charleston and he had been top of mind since then,” she says. “At the time, in January, he only had a few dates left for 2020 and that’s how we chose our wedding date!” 

On November 21, 2020, Brie walked down the aisle at Columbia’s historic Trinity Cathedral in the Amber gown by Suzanne Neville. “I had known for many years that I wanted a long-sleeved, fitted, and simple gown, but my vision turned out to be very hard to track down,” Brie explains. “I did a lot of online research, and I was very drawn to a few British designers.” She quickly realized the Amber gown was her “dream dress” and had it shipped to Charlotte, North Carolina. “Because of the short timeline, I did not receive the dress until two weeks before my wedding, but luckily since it was a custom fit, which U.K. designers are famous for, it was perfect and only needed a few nips and tucks.” 

Brie’s veil holds a special story, having originally belonged to Parker’s great grandmother, Mary Louise Archer St. Clair, in 1925. Brie is the eighth bride in the family to have worn it. And the Thursday before the wedding, she and her florist, Becky Burns, drove an hour outside of Columbia to pick flowers and greenery at a friend’s farm, so she could carry a fresh bouquet down the aisle. 

“Looking back, I feel great about our wedding day,” Brie reflects. “It was so perfect for us, and I don’t regret not waiting to have a larger wedding at all.”