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India Blue Severe and Jackson John Dunford’s Intimate Wedding in Montecito

By Shayna Seid | Photography by 

Rachel Santos

“I was 16 years old and Jackson was the cutest boy in school,” India Blue Severe, co-founder of fashion brand Lonely Ghost, shares of how she first encountered Jackson John Dunford. A friend of her older brother, Jack asked Indy to homecoming—her very first school dance. “We kissed on the doorstep. We love a good cliche.”

The two set off on their own paths after high school, but life kept bringing them back together. They welcomed their first child together in 2020, and he proposed the following summer in Snowbird on the gondola. Indy recalls, “It was the most beautiful moment, and I never wanted the ride to end.”

Originally wanting to say, “I do,” in Italy, the pandemic shifted Indy’s plans, and they found a Lake Como–esque private home in Montecito that was perfect for their fall nuptials. “The house didn’t offer weddings, but I emailed and begged to anyway,” the bride shares. “The owners were so kind and agreed to let us host our wedding there—the only wedding ever held at this property besides the owners and their son. It was very special.”

Since Jack first asked Indy to be his girlfriend on October 11, 2013, it was serendipitous that the two wed nine years later on the same day. Indy’s assistant, Maia Sepulveda, brilliantly took on the planning reins. “If I didn’t want to gate-keep her as my assistant, I’d send her off to plan weddings for everyone,” Indy laughs. “She is incredible.”

When Indy was 15, she told herself that she wouldn’t get married until she could afford her dream dress. The day finally arrived and the bride-to-be saw “the one” on her Instagram explore page—a dramatic feathered creation by Khyeli with a matching statement hat.

On the day-off, Indy walked past her 25 guests and down the aisle with her father to “Self Control” by Frank Ocean. She met Jack in front of a sprawling floral altar, created by Studio Anonimi. “Everything hit me all at once when I looked out at all the faces of my closest loved ones,” she remembers. “Many years dreaming of what it would feel like to be a bride, and there it was. I was completely overcome by emotion. I’ll remember it forever.”

The reception featured a grilled cheeses, sliders, and French fries from Omni Catering, followed by pretzels and mini pies for dessert. Indy’s favorite part was the Weedbar. “We prefer weed to alcohol anyway, so it felt authentic and fun,” she shares. “We had dabs for everyone, a joint flight, and one of our wedding cakes was even micro dosed with THC.”

The newlyweds shared a first dance to their favorite song, “Lady May” by Tyler Childers, and then cut their old school tiered wedding cake by Babinka Treats. “It just felt like the party of my dreams,” Indy says. “We were dancing, taking pictures in the photo booth, and running around this gorgeous mansion that we knew we’d probably never be at again. Because the wedding party was so small, I felt like I got to spend time with each one of my guests and I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything.”

Years ago, Indy had seen a wedding party jump in a pool at the end of the night, and she bookmarked that idea for her own celebration. “Luckily, the house had a pool, and I had friends who were down,” Indy shares. “Even my dad joined! It was truly the best way to end such a special day.”