Revisiting The Outlander Wedding

By Cathleen Freedman

It’s almost been six years (and, in the show, about three hundred years) since Claire and Jamie Fraser tied the knot and slit their wrists in holy matrimony. In honor of the fifth season of Outlander, let’s look back at this memorable Scottish fete. While the bride and groom remember the day differently, we can recall every detail. 

The Wedding Dress

The bridal atelier of choice? A brothel! Ned is relegated to dress duty and is lucky that one “gentleman” visitor left this gown as payment years ago. 

While some fans remember how painful this dress looked to wear (that corset was tight!), we think back on it in awe. Terry Dresbach, the magnificent Outlander costume designer, recalls the paradoxical nature of designing this gown. She knew the dress had to look good in candlelight, appear modern enough for a modern audience, and suit Claire Fraser’s sensible character. 

A sketch of the wedding dress.

The dress took hundreds and hundreds of hours to complete because the costume team utilized an embroidery technique from the era. 

The Groom’s Kilt

Jamie’s godfather Murtagh secured a Fraser kilt for his special day. Even though Jamie Fraser was a wanted man (and still is, by many adoring fans), he hoped to have a wedding that would “make his mother proud.” The kilt was rented from a Fraser widow and was returned soon after the wedding day.

The Ring

Jamie’s groomsmen Rupert and Angus were sent on the task of acquiring Claire’s ring. Jamie wants the ring fashioned by a local blacksmith, using the metal from his key to Lallybroch. Custom rings are so romantic—especially when the groom has good taste! 

The Ceremony

Jamie refused to be married in any venue except for a church. His Uncle Dougal found a church and a priest, but only after agreeing to pay for the church’s windows. Apparently, booking a wedding venue on such short notice is just as hard in the eighteenth-century as it is today. 

The Reception

There wasn’t a great gender ratio at the reception. The bride and groom left this part of the wedding planning to the eighteenth-century Highlander clansmen, which explains the booze-heavy tavern fare.

The Wedding Gift

At the beginning of the episode, Claire says, “Things you cherish and hold dear are like pearls on a string. Cut the knot, they scatter across the floor, rolling into dark corners, never to be found again. So you move on. And eventually, you forget what the pearls even looked like. Or at least you try.” 

Nice try, Claire, but we could never forget what the pearls Jamie gave you look like. As a wedding gift to his wife, Jamie gives Claire his late mother’s Scotch pearls. [Not “Scottish” pearls, but Scotch pearls. These are found in freshwater mussels.]

“They’re very precious to me. As are you, Claire.” Someone catch me, for I have swooned.


The pearls up close!

Fun fact: Terry Dresbach, Outlander costume designer, said she wanted the pearl length to be shorter. We think they’re perfect! 

Here are some Outlander-inspired wedding favors you can give yourself . . .

The Outlander Vogue photos from episode 501 are worth checking out. Congratulations to Brianna and Roger! While youre waiting for episode 502, check out these funny Outlander-inspired wedding items.

Replica Outlander Ring

We can’t all have the key to Lallybroch wrapped around our finger, but Etsy make you feel like you do. Check out this Claire Fraser-inspired ring.

A Claire Fraser-inspired Etsy wedding ring.

Sassenach Whisky

Try sipping Sam Heughan (a.k.a. real-life Jamie Fraser)’s whisky while you watch season five! You’ll have to wait a wee bit, though. Sassenach Whisky drops in the U.S. on March 2nd. Sláinte!

Outlander Outfits

You don’t even have to barter at your local brothel for this gown! As far as our research can tell, none of these dresses come with Sam Heughan though. Bummer.

For the Jamie Fraser in your life, you can even get a Fraser kilt. Hello couples’ Halloween costume!

Pour your Sassenach Whisky and toast to a new season of Outlander! Or, as Jamie on his wedding night might say, toast “to a lady of grace, woman of strength, a bride of astonishing beauty, my wife, Claire Fraser.”