Quick Tricks to Look Good on Zoom

By Cathleen Freedman

Because of the stay at home orders in affect right now due to COVID-19, most people have fully acquiesced their effort and relinquished any attempt to look good. A rare few are thriving during quarantine. What they’re trying to prove, we’re not sure—but more power to them! They seem to know that in this time of loungewear, perennial face masks, and virtual cocktail hours, looking good on camera has taken on a whole new meaning. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up a few easy tricks to instantly appear better on a Zoom meeting. Maybe it’s Maybelline—or maybe it’s a desperate need to feel somewhat normal.

Work Those Angles

Raise your camera, so your meeting members see you at eye-level. Prop your laptop up with books, sweatshirts, cereal boxes, anything nearby. It doesn’t matter because no one else will see it! The only thing your Zoom participants will see is your beautiful face from an even level.


Natural lighting is best, so find a window for top-notch illumination. If you can, balance your lighting by putting a lamp next to you. Move it around until you have rigged a soft glow look.

Pop of Color

Put on a brightly colored shirt that will stand out against your background. Beware of printed blouses, though. These patterns may not look as flattering over the camera as they do in person. If you’re still unsure, consult Tom Ford’s New York Times guide on how to look stylish on Zoom.


Zoom washes the face out, so feel free to apply lipstick or tinted lip gloss. Rosy up your face with blush. If you have the time, add definition to your eyes with mascara. Be sure to check the camera on your laptop to see how the whole look comes together.

Pro Tip: Consider a filter! Zoom has a Touch Up My Appearance button that takes off 5 years. We highly recommend it and have this box in Preferences checked 24/7.


Throw on a necklace, a few bracelets, or earrings—and voila! With the flick of a charm bracelet-covered wrist, you have single-handedly fooled your meeting members into thinking that you are put together!

Check Your Surroundings

You might look good, but what about your room? Do a quick scan behind you and quickly shove any unfolded clothes out of the camera’s line of vision, and consider making your bed, if you don’t already do this daily. There’s no need to Marie Kondo your room. All you need to do is appear neat and organized for the duration of your meeting.

And ta-da! Hey, good-lookin’!

If all else fails, click on the “no video” button, and call it a day!