Styling Services

Whether you’re looking for help choosing “the dress,” need a lineup of outfits for the entire weekend, or are pivoting from a larger event to something smaller and more pared back, our styling services are here to help you pull together your ideal wedding wardrobe and more.

The Process

Our process is really easy and straightforward. To begin, we start with a call to discuss exactly what you’re hoping for with regards to your engagement photos, wedding wardrobe or overarching aesthetic as well as have you fill out a questionnaire.

Once we have all of the info, we’ll start putting together look options including accessories and undergarments (if necessary) and sending them to you on vision boards. We provide discounts whenever we can and will go back and forth with you until we’ve found something you love.

When selecting options, we always draw upon our knowledge of the collections and what’s coming out before it’s even in stores, and we work to make sure whatever we’re choosing doesn’t already feel too “seen” on social media. We want the looks we put together to feel unique and special, curated, but not overly styled.  

The Stylists

Drawing upon our extensive experience in the fashion industry, we’ll treat your wedding like a photo shoot and work with you to put together a lineup of looks that are well suited for whatever you have planned.We can also work with you to curate dresses for your bridesmaids. If you’re going the mix and match route with RTW, we’ll style prints and patterns in a way that feels organic and cohesive. Want to stick with the more traditional option and have everyone match? That’s fine too—we’ll do it in a way that feels fresh and modern—not fusty. Much like with decorating, the goal is for the clothes to look “styled,” but not like they were styled. 

The Consultation

If you are interested in a consultation and finding out more about next steps, please email [email protected].

Past Styling Clients

Drawing upon our editor experience at, we treat our client’s weddings and events like photo shoots, working with them to curate a lineup of unique looks that are personalized and well suited for every event they have planned.