Two DIY Ways to Get Runway-Inspired Waves For Your Wedding Day Hair

Schiaparelli Spring 2018 Couture

Where better to glean inspiration for sublime, otherworldly beauty than the haute couture shows of Paris, where designers bring life to fantasy-meets-reality moments? This spring’s Couture collections did exactly that, with storied houses like Schiaparelli and Giambattista Valli sending models down the runway in brushed-out, lighter-than-air waves that floated off of chiffon dresses like fuzzy halos. “I love the idea of something harmonious, sensual, romantic,” Valli told Vogue when discussing the effortless looks of his muses. Not a bobby pin in sight, the loose, cascading hair played up the freedom of movement seen in the vaporous lengths of fabric for an angelic effect.

Giambattista Valli Spring 2018 Couture

The most impressive part? The look is fairly simple to achieve on your own with the help of a few simple tools and the advice of two master stylists—no appointment required. Now boasting coast to coast locations, Spoke & Weal’s founder and master stylist Jon Reyman, who’s gained a reputation for effortless dry-cuts and a salon that promotes wellness, collaboration, and creativity, weighs in with a hot tool tutorial that can be mastered in the comfort of your bridal suite. On the cool side is Ronnie Dag, creative director and partner of Palm Sunday’s forward-thinking studio in Toronto, who shares her heat-free hack to touchable waves. “I am really admiring the hair that Holli Smith created for Proenza Schouler’s AW18 show,” Dag says of her own ready-to-wear runway inspiration. “She created a soft, personal frizz that contains just the right amount of bounce and wave that looks polished without being too sweet. For this look, rag curls are a fun alternative to heat styling.” Below, each artist’s DIY tips for otherwordly waves, and the products they swear by.

“Hair That Can Just Live and Breathe” by Ronnie Dag

1. Debunk The Dirty Hair Myth
This technique is really great for hair that doesn’t hold a curl and will set the whole night. Wash and condition hair as you would- the night before your wedding, everyone keeps telling you not to wash your hair, but if you really want to have that shower-clean feeling, you can still achieve a soft wave that’s nonchalant and chic.

2. Air-Drying Can Be Your Friend
Towel dry and apply a curl enhancing mousse—Davines Curl Moisture Mousse is amazing for hold and memory.

3. Something Old, Something New
Cut up an old t-shirt into one-inch strips and divide your hair into four quarters, two in front of the ear and two behind. Take one-inch sections from each quarter and wrap ends of hair around a strip of fabric. Once the ends are wrapped around a couple of times, roll the strip up and tie near the top of your head to secure.

4. Get Your Beauty Sleep
Go to sleep!

5. The Rag-Curl Reveal
In the morning, uncoil all of your hair wraps and finger-comb through the waves. Turn upside down and spray a texture spray evenly throughout lengths and ends, then use a Mason Pearson or any soft bristle brush to work through the product. Don’t brush it too much because you want to keep some texture.

6. Piece-of-Cake Maintenance
This type of style is really easy to maintain throughout the night by literally flipping upside down and spritzing your texture spray from mid to ends! You can also add more bend with a wand or iron if it gets really limp. Just wrap sections around the iron and leave the ends out so its not toooo curly, then scrunch!

“There Is Meaning And Beauty in What’s Natural” by Jon Reyman

1. The Blow Dry
Using a great blow dryer is essential for beginning any style, and the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is everything I need to create the best style. You want to make sure and control airflow so that the hair is heating down the hair shaft (not up). The nozzle attachment is important to make sure the air is going exactly where you need it—controlling the heat along with airflow creates a longer lasting style. You want to give your hair the finish it needs for the style you want—the blow dry is the foundation.

2. Setting the Hair
You want to make sure and set your hair first with any sort of hot iron after you’ve properly blown your hair dry. I typically use a 1” iron or slightly larger so the curl isn’t too tight, and curl the hair keeping it away from the scalp so it has a looser feel. Keep from disturbing the curls until they are completely cool.

3. Product Selection
Choosing the correct product to create these brushed out waves is key. Prior to blow drying the hair you want to add product that will give the hair some hold and volume. Typically a volumizing spray and a liquid gel are great products to blow dry into the hair. Before curling each section, I like to use hairspray to help keep the hair set.

4. The Brush Out
Using a mixed boar/nylon bristle brush I make nice, intentional, even strokes through the curls starting midway up the hair and then at the scalp down. With a good set you won’t lose the wave. If you want a little extra volume in the ends, you can turn your brush away from you and slightly back brush the underneath on the ends.

—Arden Fanning Andrews