Just in Time for Engagement Season, Celebrity Jeweler Neil Lane Shares The 7 Biggest Ring Trends

By Lauren Armstrong


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With engagement season around the corner, we turned to celebrity jeweler Neil Lane to discuss the recent trends he’s noticed among engagement rings. Perhaps best known as the official jewelry designer to The Bachelor franchise, Lane is the leading figure when it comes to creating a ring that will bring a reality couples vision to life. By working directly with the groom-to-be in the precious moments before they get down on one knee, Lane helps guide them through a selection of sparkling, sizable rings that reflect their personal taste and whirlwind love story, as you may have seen play out on your Monday night TV screens.

Now, Lane is bringing his years of experience and knowhow to an equally dazzling new wedding package collaboration with Fairmont Hotels. Home to some of the most iconic hotels around the globe, the “Fairmont Weddings, by Neil Lane” package organizes all of the little details that make your wedding day special—the venue, ceremony, attire, catering, stationery, and more. Through this collaboration, couples will work directly with Neil Lane and the wedding planning team at a number of Fairmont locations.

On the partnership, Lane shares, “That’s very important for me with a partner . . . to make someone else’s dreams come true at the end of the day.” Adding: “[Fairmont has] been around 100 years, so I felt that they were capable of doing this really well.”

Lane notes that for luxury jewelry today, “style is upmost.” Whether you are window-shopping for yourself or sending hints to your soon-to-be fiancé, “the opportunity to connect with your desires, your special needs, [and] your taste levels is really much more available than ever before, because there are so many options today.” As Lane says, “You really can fulfill your dreams.”

With this in mind, Lane shares the 7 most sought-after new trends in engagement rings, below:

Royal Jewels

Couples can create their real-life fairytale moment, courtesy of an engagement ring inspired by modern royalty.  Whether you’re a Kate or a Meghan, there’s no shortage of heirloom-worthy jewels to pick from this season.

Alison Lou Rectangular Blue Sapphire Cocktail Ring
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Rare & Rogue

There’s a renewed interest in more unexpected shapes that upgrade the time-honored diamond. With popularity rising for cutssuch as pear, round, marquise, and cushionnow is the time to decide which silhouette best suits you and your unique taste.

Jamie Wolf Delicate Vine Ring
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For Color Lovers

For brides looking to add something extra to their engagement ring, consider forgoing the classic diamond in favor of a colored gemstone. Between the endless varieties in both hue and jewel, you can truly create a look that reflects your sense of style.

Sanjay Kasliwal Patalah Small Tourmaline Ring
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The Zoom Effect

With so many shopping for engagement rings online this past year, there’s a newfound appreciation for the little things that make each ring meaningful. “When we’re meeting virtually or on the web, people can really study the rings from all of the angles and see the details and design,” Lane says.

Briony Raymond Halo Mixed Cut Diamond Eternity Band
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Midas Touch

As gold has become the go-to for our everyday jewelry, it’s no surprise that couples are incorporating this versatile chroma into their engagement rings. (Pro tip: Take note of the upkeep that your band requires, as this fluctuates based on the type of metal.)


Briony Raymond Sloan Ring
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Romance Language

According to Lane, more and more rings speak to the heart. Their settings are rich and romantic in nature, whether heart-backed or vintage-inspired. With a ring that embraces your sentimental side, you will always be reminded of that special someone.

Alison Lou Heart-Shaped Blue Sapphire Cocktail Ring
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The “Wow” Factor

Sometimes, bigger is better! More brides have been looking for “something large, something fantastic, something really ‘wow,’” Lane notes, which may be thanks to the influence of celebrities and Bachelor stars alike who make the case for major carats.

Briony Raymond Delphina Sky Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring
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