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Makeda Rabioux’s Earthy and Organic Dream Registry For Her Glamazonette

Fashion and lifestyle content creator Makeda Rabioux of Glamazon Diaries just welcomed her first child—a beautiful baby girl—with husband Thomas Rabioux.

The Bar Co-Founder Bridget Bahl’s Dream Registry is Filled With Pieces That Hold Sentimental Value

Bridget Bahl, content creator and co-founder and creative director of fashion label The Bar—which is now available on Over The Moon!—shares her Dream Registry picks.

Katie Sands Bochner’s Dream Registry Reflects Her Ever-Evolving Aesthetic

Television news anchor and lifestyle influencer Katie Sands Bochner shares her must-have registry picks and looks back at wedding photos on her first anniversary!

Interior Designer Kristin Ellen Hockman’s “Traditional With a Touch of Whimsy” Dream Baby Registry

The one year old’s room is very traditional with a touch of whimsy. “I wanted it to be a space that she could grow into and enjoy for years to come,” Kristin shares.

Kate Love’s Dream Registry is Filled With Special Pieces That Her Daughter Can Treasure Forever

Almost exactly a year after tying the knot in New York City, Kate and Kevin Love welcomed their first child—a beautiful baby girl they’ve nicknamed “Baby Love”— on June 10, 2023.