How to Embroider Your Wedding Crest on an L.L. Bean Boat & Tote

By Over The Moon
Large boat and tote in marine blue embroidered with a personalized crest by Happy Menocal Studio.

We’ve taken the L.L. Bean boat and tote—a statement of pure, unadulterated Americana—a step further and now you can have your personalized wedding crest embroidered on this classic bag. The resulting L.L. Bean open-topped boat and tote with regular handles is completely unique and makes for the perfect bridal carryall or wedding gift. Trust us—it’s totes chic!

Step One:

Choose your bag size: Medium (12″  H x 13″ W x 6″ D – $230) or Large (15″ H x 17″ W x 7″ D – $250)

Step Two:

Choose between a black or navy handle color.

Step Three:

Upload your digital crest on the product page and add any personalization notes.

Past Personalized Totes: