Miracles Happen! Here’s Everything We Know About The Princess Diaries 3 Film

By Cathleen Freedman

The Princess Diaries premiered in 2001, and yet, the franchise’s impact on popular culture reverberates today. Guests danced to the movie’s breakout song “Miracles Happen” at Ivy Getty’s wedding reception in 2021. Hailey Bieber was just one of many white-gloved Mia Thermopolises this Halloween. Everyone wants to grab their passport and book a one-way ticket to Genovia.

Photo: @haileybieber via Instagram

Queen Clarisse Renaldi once said, “A queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early.” Perhaps this aphorism is appropriate for the recent The Princess Diaries news. That’s right, The Princess Diaries 3 is officially in the works, according to the latest royal decree. (The Hollywood Reporter announced production development on November 15.)

All About The Third Film

Two-time Emmy nominee Debra Martin Chase and Melissa K. Stack will produce Aadrita Mukerji’s original screenplay, which is supposed to be a continuation of the original storyline instead of a reboot. Chase formerly produced both previous The Princess Diaries films alongside—you’ll never believe this—Whitney Houston. While we’re on the topic of top-tier The Princess Diaries talent, Mukerji has big shoes to fill, considering that Shonda Rhimes wrote The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement screenplay. As Mia Thermopolis herself would say, “Shut up!”

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This “threequel” has been a long time coming. In 2016, the late director Garry Marshall confided that he already chose Manhattan for the third film’s main setting. Anne Hathaway has repeatedly expressed interest in reprising her role as Genovia’s regent, Mia Thermopolis, and Raven-Symoné echoed similar sentiments about reappearing as Princess Asana. Meanwhile, Julie Andrews’s involvement is a little bit more up in the air. As of a few years ago, she dismissed a potential reboot as a “lovely thought” but doubted the chance production would ever come to fruition. It might be time to use the falling star you saved for a rainy day and make a wish that the entire original cast will reunite for the third installment.

So, here’s what we know about the new movie: not much. But we hope for more tiaras, jacquard suits, and coronation gowns. The first two The Princess Diaries films have created a rather fashionable precedent already. While Genovia may be a fictional country in southern Europe, you can draw endless inspiration from its most stylish residents’ outfits in real life.

The Princess Diaries Lookbook

Just because you’re the bride, doesn’t mean you need to commit to white the whole weekend. Think pink! Dabble in blush, rose, and peach at teatime. But learn from Mia’s example: Avoid fountains when Lord Nicholas Devereaux is nearby.

Mia teaches Genovia’s youth that with the right mindset, anyone can be a princess. But we’d argue that Jennifer Behr accessories and a silk brocade dress certainly help. In all honesty, the Renaldi women make the case for the suit set’s versatility. Remember when Mia wore a pink suit set to shake hands with dignitaries, binge a pint of Häagen-Dazs ice cream, and stomp on Chris Pine’s foot?

If you’d describe your bridal style as “romantic, classic, and covered in lace,” then you’re in good company with royals like Grace Kelly, Kate Middleton, and Mia Thermopolis. Costume designer Gary Jones created the off-the-shoulder wedding gown from Princess Diaries 2 to resemble the same dress Princess Claire of Belgium wore to her 2003 nuptials. Carry a calla lily bouquet to fully replicate the princess look. And when it’s time to kiss the bride, hopefully there’s a foot pop!

The Princess Diaries costume designer and Julie Andrews collaborated on Clarisse’s wardrobe picks. They drew heavily on refined, classic fashion luminaries Coco Chanel and Christian Dior’s work to adorn the Queen of Genovia. Throughout the entirety of The Princess Diaries, Queen Clarisse opted for an assortment of neutrals, pastels, and cream tones. On her granddaughter’s wedding day, she steered clear of whites and wore a long gray-green jacket. When Mia and her perfect-on-paper fiancé Andrew did not tie the knot, Clarisse and Joe took the opportunity to at last consummate their relationship with “I do.” Thankfully, most grandmothers of the bride do not need to worry about standing at the altar and exchanging vows on their granddaughter’s wedding day!

UC Berkeley graduate and casual anarchist Lilly Moscovitz retired her usual black get-up to wear a more subdued blush off-the-shoulder gown for Mia’s wedding. Ever the good friend and picture-perfect bridesmaid, Lilly walks down the aisle, commiserating, “I’m a girl who loves black and is wearing pink.” The demure bow is also a nice finishing touch.

While Mia’s bridal look was more understated, her coronation style was opulent and detailed. The train and bodice were fashioned from a thick brocade with unexpected shoulder bow embellishments. This outfit is thoroughly regal, and it should be. Gary Jones based the dress off of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation gown.

Imagine going to a pajama party with the Queen of Genovia. A ratty old t-shirt and tattered gym shorts will not suffice. Up the ante and upgrade your sleepwear. Periwinkle PJ sets will garner Clarisse’s respect, and an embroidered sleep mask will be your “crowning glory.”

Her Majesty Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi proves that gloves are a must-have staple in any princess’s wardrobe. (The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement adds Chopard diamonds to the list . . . ) When President Biden’s granddaughter Naomi married at the White House—the closest America gets to royal weddings of any kind—she wore One/Of tulle gloves.

Long after private school graduation, blazers and plaid make for excellent everyday uniforms in the real world. Shoes are the key to a prep look like this. Heels make collegiate outfits chic, while boots bring edge. Test out colorful flats and experiment with different textiles to beat the class average. Top off with a smart headband.

Before she became a princess, Mia Thermopolis roughed it on the rock climbing slopes with her mom. Maybe we’ll see her in between sessions in the new film, all decked out in Addison Bay athleisure. Hairdresser Paolo Puttanesca would approve of Krystell Barraza silk scrunchies—they prevent hair breakage!

The first film closes with Hathaway dressed in a very Jackie O-style suit that Queen Clarisse would no doubt adore and perhaps want to borrow. Obviously, any look inspired by The Princess Diaries requires an impressive diary. While we don’t know any notebooks that latch by means of a heart-shaped locket, Sloane Stationery designs luxe journals fit for a princess.