Elle Senior Fashion Market Editor Sarah Zendejas Wants to Use Everything on Her Dream Registry Daily

By Shayna Seid

What makes the perfect registry? Our Dream Registry series answers just that, providing an endless source of inspiration for those putting together their own Over The Moon registries. We enlisted the help of some of our most stylish and in-the-know friends—whether they’re single, engaged, or already married. (Because we’re taking a page from Carrie Bradshaw’s playbook and saying one should be able to register for Manolos no matter what their relationship status!) Peek inside the registries of tastemakers, from editors and stylists to wedding planners and beyond. Your dream registry is just a click away.

Elle Senior Fashion Market Editor Sarah Zendejas met her fiancé Livio Damiano, a senior PR director of communications at Karla Otto, through work, and after a night out in New York celebrating their anniversary, he proposed at their home. The day they got engaged was also her maternal grandparents’ wedding anniversary. “It means so much to me to share that with them,” Sarah says. “They are both still very much in love after 68 years of marriage and are the happiest couple I have met!”

Sarah and Livio are holding out for a wedding date until they better understand when travel will be permissible again, as their families are in different countries and they want to scout venues in southern Italy. As for now, the two are renting together in the city and “have developed a way of complementing each other,” when it comes to their personal aesthetics.

Livio loves minimal things, while Sarah prefers color and shape. “I think our different cultures come into play as well,” she says. “Livio is Italian, and I am Mexican. A small example of how we mix items from both countries is on our table—we pair Mexican embroidered linens with Sicilian splattered plates.”

Often, Sarah will propose an item to Livio, and he’ll then research to find the best version of that item or offer a great alternative. “It is inevitable to sometimes disagree on things,” she says. “But in the end, we always find a good compromise!”

For her Dream Registry, the Laboratorio Paraicini Zodiac collection was a must-have. “It is a fun set that can be used for everyday life as well as dinners with friends,” Sarah explains. “It is always best to not be too precious about anything and use what you own daily.”

Since they are renters, designing long-term interior spaces is not something they’re ready for just yet. “Whenever I need any advice though, I turn to my great friend Noel Pittman, who is an interior designer based in Los Angeles,” Sarah shares. At home already is the Hibiscus Linens Otomi Mexican Runner, which they use constantly. “It makes me happy and reminds me of Mexico.”

She also gravitated towards the Luisa Beccaria glassware. “The ridged edges make them so interesting,” Sarah observes. “Their icy-looking hues in the colors I selected make a nice addition to any tablescape.”

It’s not a coincidence that her edit is mainly made up of kitchen and tabletop items, as Sarah and Livio love to cook and enjoy setting the table. “We try to have dinner together most nights,” Sarah says. “This has been the case since the pandemic, but even before the lockdown, we loved sharing meals together.”

When asked if she had any advice for couples putting together their own registries, Sarah stressed the importance of selecting items that both people like. “We are practical, and Livio loves to use all the things we own,” she explains. “Choose pieces you imagine keeping for a long time and that you know you will want to use every day—that’s what I think makes most sense.”

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