All You Need to Know About Our New Wedding Styling Service!

By Over The Moon

When it comes to weddings, Instagram changed everything! Now a wedding often doesn’t just call for finding a dress that’s  “the one”—but in some instances, an entire wedding weekend wardrobe. Don’t worry—we’re here to help! Drawing upon our time at, we’ll treat your wedding like a photo shoot and work with you to put together a lineup of looks that are well suited for every event you have planned.

We’ll also work with you to curate dresses for your bridesmaids. If you’re going the mix and match route with RTW, no problem—we’ll style prints and patterns in a way that feels organic and cohesive. Want to go the more traditional route and have everyone match? That’s fine too—we’ll do it in a way that feels fresh and modern, not old school and fusty. Much like with decorating, the goal is always for the clothes to look “styled,” but not like they were styled. M.O.B. looks, engagement party ideas, and honeymoon packing are also areas where we can help.

How It Works:

1. An OTM Stylist and the bride will have an initial phone call to discuss wedding wardrobe needs.

2. The bride fills out our style questionnaire.

3. The OTM Stylist works with the bride and wedding party to meet all styling needs.

Past Clients:

For more information about pricing and services, email [email protected]. We look forward to being in touch!