Shop the Look of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


The 2018 awards season started out with a bang this Sunday at the 75th Golden Globe Awards, where actresses, actors, and activists wore various styles of black in solidarity with the #TimesUP movement and its fight against gender inequality and sexual harassment. We were delighted to see newbie Rachel Brosnahan, a.k.a. Miriam “Midge” Maisel, the star of Amazon’s new comedy hit, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, amongst the nominees in noir. Brosnahan, who looked amazing in Vionnet, and the show, created by Amy Sherman-Palladino (the woman behind Gilmore Girls), both took home Golden Globe awards on Sunday night, proving that we’re not the only ones enjoying this hilarious new series.

For those who have yet to discover it, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel follows Midge, a 26-year-old Jewish housewife living in 1950s New York City with her husband Joel, a young businessman who aspires to be a comedian, even though he lacks talent and timing. After bombing one night at a comedy club, Joel abruptly decides to leave Midge for his secretary, and Midge appropriately throws back the Manischewitz and turns the tables by performing a comedy set of her own. 

After bringing down the house, Midge starts developing her act and quickly realizes that speaking honestly about her scamp of a husband gets the most laughs, commenting on sex keeps the audience’s interest piqued, and making quips about the injustices of wearing a brassiere makes her stand out. As Midge makes her way through the comedy circuit, alongside the likes of Lenny Bruce, she becomes a Joan of Arc in pearls below 14th Street, profoundly voicing what all women are thinking—and doing it in heels and elbow-length gloves no less.

While Midge’s wit and still relevant feminist rants make us laugh, it’s her impeccable wardrobe that has us yearning for the days when cocoon coats, fit and flare dresses, silk gloves, skirt-suits, kitten heels, and fascinators, were de rigueur. So, we’ve gone ahead and started a Mrs. Maisel shopping wish list for everyone as obsessed with her style as we are. Now, you can stop Googling “1950s-inspired pillbox hat.” L’chaim!