14 Dresses for the End of Summer

Photography by

Olivia Rae James


With Labor Day weekend on the horizon and taking home the title of “Best Dressed Guest” always the goal, we tapped our favorite wedding stylist, Cynthia Smith of Cynthia Cook Brides, for her six tips for dressing for events at the end of the summer and her fourteen favorite looks that are shoppable right now.

  1. Avoid silk crepe—stay away from any material that doesn’t breathe well.
  2. Look for sleeveless dresses or open and low backs.
  3. Avoid anything that’s too tight—comfort is key when it comes to formal dressing in warmer weather.
  4. Bright red and coral are festive colors that are fun for end of summer events.
  5. Don’t wear high slits.
  6. Find a great chunky heel as a wedge can look too heavy.