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Neely & Chloe Founder Chloe Burch Wore Lela Rose and Custom Margaux to Her Wedding in Palm Beach

By Cathleen Freedman | Photography by 

Christina Cernik

Charlotte “Chloe” Spencer Burch, co-founder of one of Over The Moon’s favorite accessories brands Neely and Chloe, and Brendan McLoughlin Seaver first met through a dating app, but the couple insists there is more to their story than a mere online match. “My best friend growing up went to college with Brendan,” Chloe explains. When Brendan’s profile first appeared on her screen, she recognized their mutual connection and immediately screenshotted and texted her friend. Her friend promptly replied with, “Oh my gosh!!!!! He is the best!!! I should have thought to set you up. You have to go on a date with him!”

After such a glowing recommendation, Chloe and Brendan started messaging and arranged their first date. Chloe would be running in the New York City Marathon, so Brendan invited her to a pasta dinner under the pretense of “carbo-loading” before the big race. Chloe admits, “We hit it off pretty much right away!”

A year-and-a-half later, Chloe and her sister Neely were wrapping up a trunk show in Washington D.C. “Our plan was to drive back to NYC on Friday morning,” Chloe recalls. “Brendan and I were going to go out for dinner because we hadn’t seen each other in a few days.” By the time Chloe returned to the couple’s Brooklyn Heights apartment, she was exhausted. It was a sweltering June day in New York, and the fact that Chloe was lugging 27 bags didn’t help.

On their apartment door, Brendan left a note for Chloe. She didn’t think twice about it because this was a typical system of communication for the couple. “Whenever we leave in the morning, before the other one is up, we just write a quick little post-it note, saying, ‘Have a good day.'”

As Chloe pushed the door open, she was welcomed to a room filled with candles and the sticky notes she and Brendan had written to each other over their courtship. Their favorite slow songs were playing as Brendan got down on one knee and proposed. After she said, “Yes!” they popped champagne and met both of their families at Palma for dinner. The surprises didn’t end there. At Hudson Hound later that night, all of the couple’s friends were waiting to toast their engagement. Chloe admits, “It was perfect!”

Ecstatic for their nuptials, the couple began planning a Palm Beach wedding for April 2020. By mid-March 2020, however, the couple realized this wedding could not be with the burgeoning COVID-19 cases in the country. They immediately canceled. “We were really in the eye of the storm and didn’t even have the chance to postpone or do a small wedding,” Chloe says. “A small ceremony was out of the question because we didn’t even think we could get both our families there!”

As quarantine continued, the couple pivoted and decided upon a February 6, 2021 wedding. Abiding by Florida guidelines and having everyone tested, they were able to invite their original guest list. Chloe and Brendan emphasized to their friends and family that they understood if anyone declined the invitation. Chloe adds, “We didn’t want to put anyone in an uncomfortable situation.”

The planning process was, Chloe confesses, remarkably easy. “The planner and the venue took care of everything for me, so I got to focus on the design part of things! Outside of finding the band and the photographer, everything was done through the club,” she says. “This made postponing much more simple than I’m sure it was for other brides because I only had to make three calls when changing the date!”

Considering that Mark Ingram is so dear to Chloe, she went straight to his atelier after first getting engaged. Thirty dresses later, she finally tried on “the one”—a simple yet ornate Lela Rose gown. She almost left the atelier without putting this dress on because it didn’t immediately catch her eye. Once it was off the hanger, however, she was shocked to discover how perfect it was for her. Mark Ingram customized the dress, fitting it with an off-the-shoulder piece and green belt. Ever a fan of color and flair, Chloe had green embroidery stitched into her veil.

Chloe’s best friend Alexa is one of the visionaries behind another OTM favorite, Margaux. Some brides have a “something blue,” but Chloe had her “something green!” Alexa designed Chloe’s custom green-hued heels. Alexa’s mother contributed to both Chloe’s “something old” and “something borrowed.” The earrings Chloe wore were Alexa’s mother’s and the same pair Chloe’s mother wore on her wedding day.

Brendan donned a custom tuxedo from J. Hilburn and shoes from the London-based shoemaker Baudoin and Lange.

Chloe allowed her co-maids of honor, her sister Neely and her best friend Alexa, to select their own dresses in a shade of green. In a truly personal fashion, the other bridesmaids wore Tuckernuck dresses that Chloe helped design alongside the Tuckernuck girls.

The groomsmen wore traditional black tuxedos with customized pocket squares, featuring Brendan’s talented aunt’s hand-painted palm leaves and the groomsmens’ initials.

On February 6, 2021, Chloe had two concerns. She prayed the skies would be sunny, so the ceremony could be outside, and she worried about being the center of attention. The weather, unfortunately, did not clear, and in her beautiful Lela Rose dress, no one could take their eyes off of her. But as soon as she walked down the indoor aisle at the Everglades Club and saw her groom’s face, it felt like they were the only people in the room. The couple did not have a first look beforehand, so Chloe savored this moment of seeing each other for the first time that day. The ceremony was 30 minutes long and, in Chloe’s words, totally “perfect.”

The newlyweds immediately followed their photographer Christina Cernik for pictures before joining guests for cocktail hour. At this point, the couple was ready to celebrate. During the reception, Brendan, Neely, and Alexa surprised Chloe with a flashmob. “Growing up, me, Neely, and Alexa had a dance to “It’s Gotta Be You” by the Backstreet Boys,” Chloe remembers. “Neely and Alexa organized all our friends to learn it and then in the middle of the reception, the band stopped and this song came on and slowly everyone started to join. It was by far the highlight of my night—besides actually getting married!”