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Grace Helbig and Elliott Morgan’s “Classic, Elegantly Tacky Vegas Elopement”

By Shayna Seid | Photography by 

Michelle Pullman of St. Chelle

|Planning by 

Heartthrob Weddings & Events

Comedians Grace Helbig and Elliott Morgan met around nine years ago through the YouTube community, and things really took off after he slid into her DMs. After what Grace describes as “two magical, chaotic years,” Elliot surprised her with a proposal.

“Elliott had told me he was planning an at-home date night—I’m a proud homebody—and encouraged me to put on something that wasn’t sweatpants,” Grace recalls. He set up his office space, which is detached from their house, as a speakeasy for the evening. She walked in, admired the string lights he had hung up, and turned to find Elliott on one knee. “Safe to say we closed the bar down that night. I was banned for life, but what can I say? The bartender was cute.”

Once engaged, the pair toyed with throwing a large, traditional wedding but quickly realized it wasn’t for them and pivoted to “the classic elegantly tacky Vegas elopement!” Grace exclaims. Their first romantic weekend getaway was to the Nevada city, so it was a sentimental nod back to that time too. To help bring their vision to life, they turned to Emily Gaikowski of Heartthrob Weddings & Events.

Before solidifying her wedding plans, Grace impulsively ordered a dress from Odylyne The Ceremony that she fell in love with. Somehow, it only ended up arriving the day before the bride left for Vegas, and thankfully it fit like a glove. On the day-of, Grace’s friend and hair and makeup artist Val Harvey gave her a modern ’60s cat-eye with “some elegant fembot hair,” the bride describes. And she held a lovely bouquet from The Tiny Bloom Las Vegas.

The groom looked handsome in a navy blue tuxedo with a Vegas-inspired faux feather bowtie and cuff links featuring an image of their dog.

On October 1, 2022, everyone gathered at the iconic Chapel of the Bells. “A prestigiously elegant location!” Grace chimes in. “We found out a few hours earlier [that] we were supposed to have vows, which Elliott prepared, but I forgot and ended up riffing off the top of my head in the moment.” The officiant, named Steve, launched into a long-winded, unintentionally hilarious monologue about the ups and down of marriage and even wove in his own past relationship problems. “It was confusing and beautiful, and we hope he’s doing okay.”

After walking back down the aisle to “Paper Rings” by Taylor Swift, the newlyweds and their guests hopped in a limo. They drank Champagne, ate chips, and stopped to take classic city pictures against the lights of the strip. Back at the hotel, the two cut into their Funfetti wedding cake from Caked Bakery and headed to a steak dinner. (Yes, dessert was served first.)

Grace, Elliott, and their friends spent the rest of the night playing Fortune Cup in the casino. “It’s a large, miniature race track—weird, we know—where you bet on the tiny plastic horses that race around the track,” Grace explains. “It’s so stupid and so wonderful. Elliott and I discovered this game on our very first trip to Vegas, before we were officially dating, and fell in dumb love with it. To see all of our friends playing was so hilariously sweet.” When you know your love is a sure bet, what better way to end your wedding day?