What If Titanic’s Jack and Rose Had Actually Gotten Married?


Raise your hand if Jack Dawson was your first-ever, loved him so hard it hurt, “hopelessly devoted to you” crush? December 19, 1997 was the premiere date of James Cameron’s Titanic on the big screen and the 20th anniversary has brought the film back to a theater near you, filling our young millennial hearts with nostalgia.

If you’re anything like us, then you once owned the double-pack Titanic VHS and would watch it obsessively on repeat at your grandma’s house over the holidays (only the first tape, pre-sinking, of course). And perhaps sometimes you wondered late at night about what could have happened if Rose hadn’t been so selfish and actually made a little room for Jack on that door? So, in honor of the 20th anniversary of this timeless love story, we did a little daydreaming and imagined what Jack and Rose’s wedding might have looked like had they both survived and made their way to America. Perhaps a quaint ceremony in Jack’s hometown of Wichita Falls? Even all these years later, we still clearly haven’t let go! Cause as they say, the heart will go on.

—Anna Mack