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Happy Anniversary! A Look Back at Illustrator LouLou Baker’s Bermuda Wedding Album

Photography by 

Kondwani Williams

Two years ago, we featured the wedding of Peep’s Paper Products’s LouLou Baker and her husband David Baker’s dramatic race aboard a sailboat to the altar in Bermuda to marry his bride on the web pages of As the founder and creative director of a luxury paper products company that specializes in wedding invitations, playing cards, and stationery that has recently segued into embroidered pajamas, robes, cocktail napkins, and other linens via a collaboration with us, Over The Moon, and our shop—it’s no surprise that LouLou planned a weekend filled with unforgettable personal touches. Case in point, one piece of correspondence after another was designed to feel more exciting than the last. The invitations, painted by LouLou and encased in large navy envelopes adorned with custom watercolor stamps, requested their 29 guests attendance at what was essentially the finish line of the “Newport to Bermuda Race” upon Dave’s completion of it. And after months of planning, the end result was a romantic, intimate, action-packed, whirlwind celebration filled with almost too good to be true moments that one might hope for but never actually be able to pull off—like the bride’s sister making the wedding dress despite never having sewn one before.

“My vision of the dress was inspired by Oscar de la Renta, with elements of some of my favorite Alberta Ferretti dresses,” says LouLou. “My mom tracked down the most beautiful French lace, imported bobbinet for the straps from England, and found the perfect georgette to layer under the lace. As each piece came together, I was elated, and just a week before the wedding, we had my final fitting, and it was perfect.”

The wedding day was equally as sublime with 29 guests, that included family members and friends they’d known their entire lives, gathering to witness the couple’s vows in front of the National Museum of Bermuda. After touching readings were given and tears of joy shed, the ceremony ended with a surprise from the officiant: a handcrafted teak and holly marriage board with two lines that the newlyweds tied together in a square knot. The officiant then gifted them a lock and key so that they could lock the loops at the end of each line. After they finished, he took the key and threw it off the cliff into the Atlantic Ocean surrounding them. “That marriage board now sits prominently in our living room in Georgetown,” says LouLou. “A constant reminder of one of the most important and joyful moments, and the symbolic start of our mutual life together.”

Two years later, the Bakers are back in Bermuda with their 6-month-old baby boy, who’s appropriately named Cape, to celebrate their anniversary in the same place where they made it official. Dave safely returned after this year’s “Newport to Bermuda Race,” and picked LouLou up from L.F. Wade International Airport on Wednesday un-showered and unshaven, but after a quick clean up was ready to have some fun.

The two, who are staying at the Coral Beach and Tennis Club, headed off to the crew dinner last night, where they toasted everyone who participated in the race this year. Today, they were all about unplugging on the beach, and then tomorrow, they’re commemorating their anniversary with dinner at the Waterlot Inn, the same place where they had their wedding reception 24 months prior. Last year, LouLou got lucky as the standard gift given at the one year mark is paper. We’re pretty sure the founder of Peep’s Paper Products had something sentimental up her sleeve for that one. This time around it’s cotton—here’s hoping with the launch of the new embroidery collaboration, she’s come up with something just as creative.

Take a look back at LouLou’s wedding in Bermuda above and follow along as she takes over our Instgram Stories to chronicle her anniversary weekend in the same place where she made things official last year.