Stylist Tabitha Simmons Shares Her Go-To Fashion Tips for Brides

By Maria Ward | Photography by

Kristopher Brock

“You want to run through a field barefoot in these dresses,” Tabitha Simmons says of the new Brock Collection for Over The Moon capsule. And she would know—the award-winning stylist is behind the striking photographs of the capsule seen here. Lensed by designer Kristopher Brock at the sprawling Belvedere Estate, with period details and 25 acres overlooking the Hudson River, the location’s charm and English sensibility, notes Simmons, made it a perfect setting.

“If I was getting married in the violet jacquard dress, I’d love to be in a house with a beautiful garden,” Simmons says. “But this is your day, and if you want to wear that dress on a rooftop in New York City, go for it. Or if you want to wear that dress in a romantic field at sunset, go for it.” Just make sure you have a good shoe, adds Simmons, something she knows well as a shoe designer with an eponymous shoe label. Comfort is key for brides who are on their feet most of the wedding—walking down the aisle, greeting guests, and hopefully dancing at the reception.

The stylist also personally loves the idea of pairing one of the ruffled cocktail dresses from the new capsule with a statement earring for wedding-adjacent events, like the rehearsal dinner or the wedding shower, while reserving smaller, more classic accessories for the actual ceremony. The Brock Collection for Over The Moon capsule feels similarly timeless and filled with special pieces brides will want to rewear. “It’s great you can wear these dresses not only to get married but on many other occasions,” says Simmons, “and they will always have sentimental value.”

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