Alexandra Michler Kopelman’s Classic Dream Baby Registry

By Shayna Seid | Photography by

Collins Nai

What makes the perfect baby registry? Our Dream Baby Registry series answers just that, providing an endless source of inspiration for those putting together their own Over The Moon registries. We enlisted the help of some of our most stylish and in-the-know friends—whether they’re already proud parents or still awaiting the arrival of a little one. Peek inside the registries of tastemakers, from editors and stylists to influencers and beyond. Your dream registry is just a click away.

Alexandra Michler Kopelman welcomed her first child with her husband, art consultant Will Kopelman, on June 15, 2023, at sunrise. John Keats Kopelman also sweetly shares Allie’s maternal grandfather’s birthday. “It is an amazing circle of life moment, as I was born the evening of my grandfather’s memorial service,” Allie shares. “I hope that John will inhabit some of the wonderful traits of my grandfather that I have heard about, like his strength, kindness, sense of humor, and humility.”

As Allie comes from a family of all women, her son is a total departure from what she knows. “I am loving the learning curve!” the new mom exclaims. “My taste is quite classic, so I am keeping it consistent for John.”

“I enjoyed learning about some of the children’s’ brands Over The Moon offers,” Allie says of making her Dream Baby Registry. “Despite my career in fashion, this is a whole new learning curve. I had fun curating what I would buy for family and friends.”

Allie advises to focus on the items that are more of a need not a want, like the Adjustable Beechwood Highchair. She also recommends registering for clothing in a range of sizes, as we all know how fast babies grow.

When it comes to motherhood, Allie has most enjoyed bonding with John and seeing her husband and her family do the same. “I love seeing John’s personality develop—he seems like a very happy and content little guy,” she smiles. The most difficult part has been more physical. “I definitely did not comprehend what other moms meant when they said breastfeeding is hard! It’s really a huge commitment.”

Allie leaves us with key advice on pregnancy and motherhood: “Savor every moment and enjoy each phase as it comes. The first few weeks of newborn life can be disorienting and makes you yearn for the next phase, but I am already looking back on those early, quiet days with fondness.”

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