This Brand Makes the Best Dresses for Brides Who Want Custom Classic Looks with a Twist

By Shayna Seid

If you were following our Instagram Stories during New York Fashion Week for the Fall 2019 season, then you undoubtedly saw us at Alexia María’s throwback to 1950s Paris Fashion Week-inspired presentation. We absolutely loved the new collection and think it’s the direct-to-consumer brand, specializing in custom pieces, that bride-to-bes (and everyone else) should know about—Elizabeth Banks is already a fan!


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Founder and designer Alexia María Esquer calls La Jolla, California the brand’s home base. “I opened my flagship store there five years ago and not too far away opened my atelier, where I design and we make all the pieces,” she explains.

After getting her bachelor’s degree in financial management, she attended a couple of courses at FIT, and began designing for herself in 2014. “I wore my gowns out to weddings of friends and family. Soon after, people were asking me to design pieces for them, and that is when I realized I was onto something!” she says. We spoke with Alexia more to find out her and her gorgeous direct-to-consumer brand.

How did you get into fashion?

“I have loved everything that has to do with fashion since I was a little girl. Creativity runs in my family, and I’ve always been exposed to art and design. I grew up visiting my grandmother at her design studio, where she designed everything from wedding gowns to costumes. That is where I learned the inner workings of an atelier, and truly, where my interest in fashion and design was born.”

What about the 1950s inspired your sense of style?

“I love the elegance that is carried throughout fashion and film in the 1950s. I adore movies such as Funny Face and To Catch A Thief! I’m also very inspired by the style icons from that time: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Jackie Kennedy.”

Who is the Alexia María woman?

“The Alexia María woman is a modern woman, yet a romantic dreamer with a feminine flair and a love for timeless craftsmanship and design.”

Do you have any pieces from the new collection that you especially recommend for weddings? 

“All of them are perfect for weddings; I can’t decide on one! I believe this collection has a piece for everyone—from our mini dresses to the most elegant ball gown!”

If someone wants to place an order how should they go about doing so?

“The majority of our pieces are made to order, meaning that they are made in our atelier in California just for the customer! This allows them to customize certain pieces or request colors from other seasons if they want. I love that we’ve been able to create a very intimate and personal shopping experience, and I don’t think many people know that until they are able to visit one of our boutiques!”

Alexia María’s Fall 2019 Collection is available online and at their La Jolla and New York locations.