Stylist Micaela Erlanger on Her Forevermark Ring Collection, Postponing Her Wedding Because of the Pandemic—and Re-Planning 3 Times

By Cathleen Freedman | Photography by

Andrew Werner

Micaela Erlanger is known for her good taste. Just ask Meryl Streep, Michelle Dockery, or Lupita Nyong’o. These A-list actresses are just a few of the celebrities who seek Micaela’s expertise when they have a big red carpet to walk. And now, the celebrity fashion and luxury bridal stylist can add “engagement ring and wedding band designer” to her impressive résumé. The latest Forevermark x Micaela bridal capsule collection showcases exquisite, modern, and classic designs, and with the beginning of engagement season—a.k.a. the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s—coming up, we wanted to highlight this engagement ring and wedding band collection.

“I firmly believe walking down the aisle is the closest thing to walking down the red carpet,” Micaela asserts. “Having worked with De Beers Forevermark on the red carpet for all of these years, styling the most exquisite jewelry for my celebrity clients, being able to bring that same discerning eye to bridal styling is something that really speaks to me.” The stylist is able to draw upon her rich connections with designers for her bridal clients and introduce them to selections typically reserved for celebrities. Her service leaves no stone unturned. She covers the look from head to toe, never skipping jewelry.

Micaela’s creative relationship with De Beers Forevermark first began with the 2014 Met Gala, and she’s been styling clients with De Beers Forevermark diamonds ever since. When Micaela announced that she would expand upon celebrity styling and venture into luxury bridal styling, a Forevermark ring collaboration unfolded organically.

Micaela and the team at De Beers Forevermark curated each detail of the rings from concept to creation. “I really wanted the collection to feel timeless but still modern,” Micaela emphasizes. “There is a classic element to each of the designs.” Micaela cultivated a variety so that anyone could find a ring that “speaks uniquely to them.”

Additionally, everyone is included in the collection. “I wanted to make sure there was something for everyone,” she adds. Even though the ring is labeled as a man’s wedding band, Micaela believes this streamlined beveled-edge ring can be unisex.

At this point in our interview, she laughs and admits that she actually has the rings right in front of her and admires each one. There are East-West gems, round bezels, oval-cuts, cushions, pavé bands, and solitaires galore. “I want to let the diamond do the talking,” she says while pointing out how each gem appears to float and looks even larger when worn on the hand.

Every ring is exclusively set in platinum. “Platinum makes so much sense when designing a wedding band and engagement ring collection,” Micaela, a Global Brand Ambassador of the Platinum Guild, says. She echoes the fears of so many brides and grooms when she remarks, “I use my hands and don’t want to worry about my band getting bent out of shape or the setting becoming too loose.” Platinum provides these Forevermark rings with durable yet delicate settings that will stand the test of time. It ages beautifully as well, resulting in a remarkable patina that you cannot find with any other material.

From a designer’s perspective, Micaela also believes that the setting should enhance the diamond’s natural brilliance and shine. It also goes beyond an aesthetic preference though. “It’s a metal that brings back a lot of fond memories,” she says. Her own grandmother’s engagement ring and wedding bands were set in platinum, and she reminisces over her perpetual fascination with the rings. “I remember always trying on her jewelry and having this natural affinity for the metal.”

Every ring contains hidden details and extra sparkles. “You have to look closely to see the platinum bezel, but it actually pops the diamond,” Micaela shows. If you hold the ring up, you might just find covert halos and pave bands. “In the Simply Solitaire ring, we have diamonds hidden at the base. There’s even a hidden diamond in the man’s band!” From nearly any angle, you can see a sparkle.

De Beers Forevermark diamonds go above and beyond the classic 4 Cs of color, cut, clarity, and carat though. Less than 1% of the world’s diamonds are eligible for De Beers Forevermark status. Not only are these gems brilliant, they are also responsibly sourced. “It’s really important to me to know where my jewelry comes from,” Micaela explains. “And there are so many incredible things that De Beers Forevermark as a company does.” She has been to the De Beers mines in Botswana and has seen how ethical the sourcing process is. The company balances its responsibility to protect the environment and uplift women. “When it comes to a purchase like an engagement ring, which for many is one of the most important purchases in their lifetime, a Forevermark diamond also symbolizes your commitment to making the world a better place,” Micaela says.

Micaela’s Three Stone Illusion Ring

This collaboration came about during a particularly special time in Micaela’s own life. “I’m a bride-to-be myself!” she shares. Her own round solitaire stone sits on a platinum band (of course!) and served as inspiration for the collection. “I understand firsthand what brides are looking for and what couples are looking for right now,” she notes.

This is an understatement for Micaela who has planned her wedding at least three times because of COVID-19. “As disappointing and challenging as it has been, I’m trying not to lose sight of what actually matters the most,” she says. This summer, the stylist ended up eloping in St. Barths and is getting ready for her bigger wedding celebration in April 2022.

Micaela adds that she has to remind herself of the advice she usually gives her bridal styling clients: “You’re not the only one going through this. There are millions of weddings a year, and the fact that so many people have had to postpone their weddings is incredibly relatable. We’re in this together!”

While COVID has certainly impacted wedding plans for the foreseeable future, Micaela has noticed that couples a trend: couples are prioritizing their wedding rings more than ever before. There is a collective understanding that couples want that perfect ring that they can love forever. (BTW, if you find yourself daydreaming about thicker bands or halfway pavé flourishes, De Beers Forevermark offers custom services as well.)

When asked if she has any advice for someone who wants to propose with something from the collection, she notes that surprise proposals are romantic, but the stylist in her urges you to honor your significant other’s personal style. “Choose something that is authentic to you and you as a couple. And don’t be afraid to ask for input from your significant other.” She smiles and admits that she would hint to her then-boyfriend, “Round solitaire, round solitaire…”

Below, view the full collection, and shop it online via this link.

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