How to Pack For Your Honeymoon Like a Fashion Pro

By Over The Moon
Morgan Lane at her honeymoon in Tuscany.

One of the most difficult things for brides planning a destination wedding—aside from the task of organizing a trip for hundreds of people—is how to efficiently pack a suitcase that is supposed to contain a wealth of pre-wedding day outfits, plus a bridal dress, plus a honeymoon wardrobe. (After all, just the wedding dress alone needs it’s own separate container!)

But there are ways you can fit weeks worth of clothes into just a couple of bags. Just ask designer Morgan Lane, who recently packed away 22 days of stylish looks for her destination wedding in Spain and ensuing honeymoon around Italy. Below she shares her secrets to building a honeymoon suitcase like a pro.


To plan for her two week honeymoon, Morgan worked with travel company the Local Foreigner, who put together a detailed itinerary of lunches, dinners, and activities for the couple. “The activities would include meals and excursions, but also small things like long drives, beach visits, shopping, and opportunities for romantic strolls, which make for major picture moments,” Morgan explains. With that schedule in hand, Morgan then wrote out each day of her itinerary on a note along with the activities that would be taking place that day and laid them out in chronological order on the floor of her apartment.


Matching each look to an individual day.

Now for the fun part. “I pulled out my most favorite outfits for day and night that I knew I definitely wanted to  bring or bought specifically for my trip,” Morgan says. She then matched each outfit with one of the days in her honeymoon itinerary. “When I was left with a few gaps, I went to look for more knowing exactly which plans the clothes would need to work with. Once I had this foundation of outfits down, I folded them below each corresponding note and the rest was easy.”


Then it’s time to gather all the basics you need, but rarely think about when planning a vacation wardrobe: underwear, socks, workout clothes, pajamas, T-shirts, and cover ups. Those items are then set aside in categorized piles.


Don’t forget your undies!

Now it was time to match underwear and swimwear for each day. “I always bring too much or too little underwear,” she says. “I sometimes wear nude underwear on the day that I don’t need to and then I’m stuck with black and a see-through dress on another day.” (We’ve all been there.) Once that’s done, bikinis, comfy pants, T-shirts, pajamas, and work out clothes are distributed accordingly as well. “I added these about every 2 to 3 days as they can be worn multiple times,” Morgan adds. “I also picked about five bras that matched multiple pairs of underwear and three sexy lingerie outfits for the honeymoon and packed those in a separate silk Morgan Lane lingerie bag.”


Now time to match shoes and bags.

Perhaps the hardest part of packing is knowing what to do with your shoes. Morgan first picked out a few of her favorite pairs while making sure there was a range of flat, heel, wedge, and sneakers. Then she chose a few of her favorite handbags that are also easy to travel with—think: soft, small, and foldable. Once she laid those out, she then went through each note and wrote down which shoes and bag would be paired with each corresponding day’s look. “By doing this I eliminated six pairs of shoes and a few bags that I was bringing just because I liked them, not because they actually matched anything,” Morgan explains. “At the end, I studied if any outfits needed a belt and picked one that went with everything. For jewelry, I limited myself to one small case to fit everything in.”


Poly bags come in handy.

With everything sorted out, Morgan then put each outfit of the day into an individual poly bag with the detailed note clearly displayed for guidance. “I love Away’s suitcases because I think they fit the most and don’t weigh a lot,” she says. She managed to fit all two weeks of honeymoon looks into two suitcases, and packed the bags chronologically backwards, so that the last days were at the bottom of the suitcase, and the first days at the top. Shoes and bags were placed around the edges of the poly bags. “This method was incredibly helpful for packing less, getting ready faster, being prepared, and having the best outfits for each day of the trip.” As for an extra last-minute tip? “Bring a hand held steamer!”

Now start packing!