Kate Middleton’s Go-To Designer Jenny Packham on Her Bridal Fall 2021 Collection and Her Own Wedding

By Shayna Seid

One of Kate Middleton’s favorite designers, Jenny Packham, calls this wedding offering “the most important collection” she’s ever made. Coming up with gowns that “that brides would fall in love with and be inspired by felt more important than every,” she says. The gowns are romantic and majestic with layered tulle, feathered shoulders, draping sleeves, delicate capes, and more—there’s truly something for everyone and every type of event, and we can’t wait to see them glide down aisles.

We spoke to the famous evening-wear expert on her design process during Covid, this collection’s inspiration, and her message to couples dealing with postponing their weddings. And we also get a sneak peak at images from her own 2015 winter nuptials at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park in London!

Jenny Packham and Matthew Anderson at their 2015 wedding in London. Photo: Courtesy of Tonje Rosen

How was your design and production process impacted by Covid?

“We had created the collection before lockdown, but then we felt the mood had changed, so we reviewed the designs and developed the ideas further. Ultimately, it became more romantic, fresher and each style more individual. Making the collection was challenging, as certain suppliers had shut down; however, they all came through with our samples, and they were so beautifully made.”

You note that the inspiration for this collection came from the “un-defeatable power of love.” Are there any specific examples of that that stick out to you?

“Marriages have continued to happen, often at very traumatic times—during the World Wars for example and today, some couples get married in refugee camps. There is no stopping love when it is ignited. Our desire to bond in a formal way seems to be of such importance to us that it transcends circumstance. I find that so romantic.”

Jenny Packham’s bouquet. Photo: Courtesy of Tonje Rosen

How do you think Covid has changed the way brides approach their wedding day look?

“My instinct was that bridal wear will evolve rapidly in style. I believe there is now a sense of freedom and a release from the past ideals of wedding fashion.”

The couple at their reception. Photo: Courtesy of Tonje Rosen

Do you have any specific message you’d like to share with couples dealing with postponing right now?

“This waiting time, however painful, will one day seem like a blip—just part of your journey and story together. And, when your wedding day happens, perhaps you will hold each other’s hand just a little bit tighter.”

Below, the Jenny Packham Bridal Fall 2021 Collection: