How To Get Shiv Roy’s Look in “Succession”

By Alexandra Macon

The finale of HBO’s Succession is tonight, and while we can’t wait to see who family patriarch Logan Roy chooses as a blood sacrifice (FYI, all signs are pointing to Tom), it’s also bittersweet because we don’t want the parade of badass boardroom and stealth wealth athleisure looks worn by the character of Shiv Roy, played perfectly by Australian actress Sarah Snook, to come to an end. We love them all, and couldn’t help but notice when it seemed like Kate Middleton was channeling the only daughter in the Roy clan’s style just last week when she wore high-waisted wide-legged pants (a rarity for the Duchess of Cambridge) by the British brand (and her former employer) Jigsaw and a Warehouse knit sweater in a rich fall color palette. Who wouldn’t want to get Shiv’s look though? Costume designer Michelle Matland’s original inspiration for it was Carolyn Bessette after all.

Matland told Fortune the goal in season one was: Clean, classic, yet still conservative, but still sexy and feminine. And we wanted to really give Shiv that independent air—she wants to be independent [from her dad and the family], yet she still wants to be equal to everyone in the boardroom.” Outside of work, Shiv gets married in season one . . . and you know we couldn’t resist shopping that fashion moment out! 

As the second season unfolds, Matland looked to up the ante now that Shiv’s away from Gil. “She’s now in a battle with her brothers to succeed, so we wanted to give her a little bit more of a fashionable style,” she told Fortune. “After doing a little bit of research, we brought in Katharine Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, these women who started the pants movement. That look is not only sexy and feminine, it battles the conservative world by moving her into a higher fashion level. She started to get a little less restricted and that’s when we brought in more leather, based on what we’ve read and just try to make her more modern. She’s also left the lighter, more subtle tones which we used on her in the first season, and moved into a much more high-powered look so we could see that transformation.” Watching the fashion trajectory this season has been almost as much fun as trying to predict the family members Machiavellian moves before they happen, and so of course in honor of tonights finale, we’re showing you how to get that oh-so-good Shiv Roy look.