The Best Swimwear to Buy Now According to Your Zodiac Sign

By Patricia Garcia

The sun is out, the coats are in the closet, and it’s finally time to start planning out your summertime wardrobe. First up on the list? Swimwear, a.k.a. the pieces you’ll be wearing again and again for the next couple of months. Some will tell you buying the perfect swimsuit is all about finding an ideal silhouette, but what about matching your swimwear to your personality—specifically to your Zodiac sign? Think about it: Those girls wearing tiny, high waisted thongs on the beach? Probably Leos. The ones who prize comfort over anything else? Total Virgos. And how about you? What does your star sign say you should wear by the pool? Find out below!


For the bold and loud Aries, bright hues that will stand out amongst the crowds, like the ones in this One Swimwear paneled bikini, are a must.

One Swimwear Lucette paneled two-tone bikini


Dependable Tauruses can be quite possessive and jealous, so it might be best to go with something a little more demure on the beach, like this J.Crew bandeau one piece.

J. Crew straight bandeau one-piece swimsuit in matte gingham


Creative and artsy Geminis love to play with their fashion choices, which is why this colorful print gingham bikini by Marysia will certainly appeal.

Marysia Sagaponack swimsuit in multi color gingham
Marysia Sagaponack swimsuit in multi color gingham


Sensitive and moody Cancers belong in the water—they are the crab sign, after all—and this Mara Hoffman knit bikini seems made for afternoons spent swimming laps in the ocean.

Mara Hoffman Lira striped jacquard-knit bikini top
Mara Hoffman Jay knotted striped bikini briefs


Fiery and flamboyant, Leos love to be the center of attention, which will be easy with this Inamorata barely-there one piece.

Inamorata George’s one piece


Guided by reason and practicality, Virgos prize comfort over style. Jade’s Halo one piece provides just that while also adding a touch of retro glamour.

Jade Halo one-piece


Libras are all about maintaining balance and harmony and this tropical print Palmacea bikini will blend in with their surroundings seamlessly.

Palmacea Piña 31 bikini top
Palmacea Mango 12 bikini bottom


Passionate Scorpios never shy away from the drama, and what’s more extra than this ruffled Johanna Ortiz print bikini?

Johanna Ortiz Casaurina printed one-shoulder bikini top
Johanna Ortiz printed high-waisted bikini briefs


Adventurous and extroverted, a Sagittarius loves a good party, and with this rainbow Zimmerman bikini you can bet they’ll always be the life of the fiesta.

Goldie Rainbow bandeau bikini


Naturally sophisticated, there’s really no better option for Capricorns than a little black swimsuit, like this belted one by Haight.

Haight belted stretch-crepe swimsuit


Flirtatious Aquariuses don’t care about trends or cuts in style, as long as they look cute—and what’s prettier than this Faithfull The Brand floral bikini?

Faithfull The Brand La Maison floral bikini


Unapologetic romantics, Pisces are often day dreaming away. This bloom-print Ephemera will help them get lost in their love-filled thoughts.

Ephemera floral-print balconette swimsuit