The Chicest Getting Ready Looks to Wear in Your Bridal Suite

By Shayna Seid

This may seem like a low priority on the wedding weekend wardrobe “To Purchase” list, but the getting ready look is worth thinking about and investing in—at least that’s our two cents! We can understand the impetus to try and embody those chill bride vibes and just throw on a low-key Oxford shirt while you get your up-do done, but lest not forget, these photos last forever. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up our favorite getting ready looks. These are pretty slips, robes, and pajama options you can wear while getting hair and makeup, so you’ll feel and look good during every step of the beautification process. Wear it on the morning of your wedding, again on your honeymoon, and whenever you want to be reminded of this happy time in your life in the days (and years) that follow.