How The We Do! Collective Helps Couples Celebrate Despite COVID

By Shayna Seid

Photo: Courtesy of Vik

As more and more couples are having to postpone their weddings due to COVID-19, we’re also seeing people commemorate their original dates and throw mini and micro weddings with virtual components to include more “guests.” You can’t cancel love, and The We Do! Collective is helping those who are engaged plan celebrations with easy packages to choose from.

Founded by destination event planner Fallon Carter in 2019, The We Do! Collective was meant to make far away weddings more accessible—“essentially an all-inclusive option for couples that want to focus on the I do!” Carter explains. With a degree in political science, Carter was on her way to law school, but after helping a friend with her wedding in Paris, she turned to creating Fallon Carter Events, which has now been featured on, Brides, Martha Stewart, and more.

Regarding The We Do! Collective, Carter says, “I am grateful to know so many talented vendors around the globe—I figured why not package mini and micro celebrations that couples can select from that are in a destination that may have felt was outside of their reach and make it real for them.”

Photo: Courtesy of James Moes

The first city was slated to be Portugal, but then COVID-19 halted those plans, so they pivoted to assisting couples that wanted to celebrate in different ways in 2020. From July 1st to October 1st, people can choose packages in New York City, Upstate New York, and Los Angeles. “We picked locations in New York and Upstate that would allow for space and have most of our needs in-house. We also wanted to find destinations where people could drive,” Carter says. “For our L.A. options, we are working with places outside of the city to allow for guests to feel comfortable.”

While international options are launching in the fall for 2021 in Portugal, Mexico, South Africa, and Morocco, the current three options to choose from are virtual, elopement and MiniMoni, and micro. We’re breaking down what each means:

Photo: Courtesy of Vik


Virtual weddings bring the celebration to your guests online. You may say, “I do,” in a park, at home, or somewhere else, but your guests are all using their webcams to “attend.” Within this offering, The We Do! Collective includes the officiant, florals for the couple, a digital invite, and more.

People may overlook needing a planner for smaller weddings, but the logistics of testing sound or the transition from the ceremony to a virtual reception with toasts is what will set your event apart. “We have technical vendors, gift box vendors, and food and beverage options that can make the virtual wedding truly an experience for your guests.”

Photo: Courtesy of Zuzu Birkhof Photography

Elopement and MiniMoni

Elopements are traditionally when two people run off with a photographer and the officiant to get married; however, due to COVID-19, some of them have turned into MiniMonies, which include the parents and up to 10 friends for a short and sweet ceremony.

Photo: Courtesy of Jillian Mitchell


Micro weddings include 30 or fewer guests and last around two hours—ceremony, champagne toast, and a sweet treat! “Most of our destination events are smaller, and they allow for true connection. You can really feel the love and enjoyment,” Carter says. “The energy is just different when it’s micro—feels a bit more authentic in a way.”

Regarding advice for couples pivoting their plans right now, Carter wisely says, “Go with the flow, listen to your intuition, and expect your new celebration to be better than you can imagine . . . keep it simple. If you don’t know what to do, don’t do anything until you do.”

Upcoming Dates and Destinations

July 1, 2020 – October 1, 2020: New York and Los Angeles

October 5, 2020 – October 15, 2020: Atlanta

International dates coming soon.