Ten Things to Know Before You Register for Crystal (Insert Swoon Here)

By Madeleine Luckel

Photos: Courtesy of Saint-Louis

Cinderella had a glass slipper, but would she have preferred a crystal one? Probably. The precious material has long-since been the ne plus ultra of the clear media. Historically, many a well-appointed table would not be complete without at least some, if not a lot of crystal. And even though it fell out of fashion with millennials, a few years back, crystal appeared to have something of a miniature resurgence, thanks to the renewed vogue for decanters and its associated barware accessories.

But crystal is so much more than a mode to imbibe your favorite, or someone else’s favorite, type of scotch. In fact, consider adding some crystalware items to your wedding registry (along with a little silver). Below, Céline Sanchez, Brand Director of the historic purveyor of crystal Saint-Louis, which is currently owned by Hermès, spells out ten pieces of advice when registering for crystal.

1. You’re Not Just Choosing Items for Formal Occasions

“Don’t be afraid to use crystal every day! Though precious, these pieces are not meant to sit and collect dust in a cabinet. They should be enjoyed.”

2. Register for Items that Best Suit Your Interests and Lifestyle

“Think of your guests and friends and how you entertain when registering. Look for items that range in price point. Often, it is the smaller items that you will cherish the most!”

3. It’s All About the Glassware

“If you love to host and entertain friends at home, I think glassware should be your priority. Tumblers are right for any time of day or occasion, and champagne flutes are great to have on hand for whenever you feel like popping a bottle of bubbly. Wine glasses that suit both mature and young wines are also some of the most versatile pieces of glassware to register for, as they can be used for both white and red wines. When you choose these types of wine glasses for your registry, you can invest more in one type of nice glass, as opposed to having to register for multiple pieces.”

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match Styles

“All of our designs are meant to work well with each other. And often times, they create a more compelling collection when combined. Having playful and whimsical pieces, as well as mixed patterns, shows personality and makes for a more interesting table.”

5. Consider Colorful Crystal

“Be bold and pick some colorful pieces of crystal! A statement-making colored glass can be just as important to have in your collection as a clear one.”

6. Multiple Uses, Multiple Reasons to Buy

“When picking crystal pieces, think about versatility. Some products have multiple functions, but even when not, don’t let the intended purpose of a piece limit you!”

7. Don’t Forget About Interior, Lighting, and Décor Items

“Today, couples don’t necessarily need a 6-guest-glassware set to entertain. And instead, they may be looking for the perfect item to start building a unique home, such as a beautiful vase or a stunning table lamp.”

8. Throw Out the Rulebook

“There are no rules to follow when you’re thinking about specific quantities of crystal pieces to have in your collection. If it’s just the two of you, then a set of two glasses can be exactly what you need! Again, think about what best suits you and your lifestyle.”

9. But Remember to Plan Where It Will Go

“When you’re building your collection, do not forget about how you will store the items you register for. Crystal pieces can be stored in various ways: they can be placed directly in a cabinet or in buffet furniture on their feet, but not upside down. The main thing to remember is to leave a space between the pieces to avoid any risk of chips or scratches.”

10. And How You Will Care for It

“We simply recommend hand washing the pieces with a soft sponge and a mild detergent; and then wiping them with a soft cloth. Of course, pieces with different functions and shapes may need more care—you will clean a tea cup differently than you would a candlestick based on its shape and the number of times it is used or handled.”