These Are The Wedding Floral Trends You’ll Likely Hear About If You’re Getting Married in 2020

By Shayna Seid

As we all know, the floral arrangements at a wedding can elevate even a simple space; theyre of the utmost importance. Last year, designs were more romantic and less designed, and there was a larger focus on individual flowers themselves, rather than mixing and matching, says Winston Flowers creative director of floral and events Benjamin Newbold. His company serves New York, Boston, and Connecticut and works with wedding experts to create anything and everything, from a beautiful backdrop to a full event design. We chatted with Newbold to find out the trends he foresees for the next year of weddings.

Wedding Floral Trends 2020

  • Ultra-Luxe Décor: “Extravagant, over-the-top florals are becoming more commonplace as we approach 2020. Luxurious flowers like rare orchids and exclusive garden roses are growing in popularity, as are speciality vessels and larger-than-life designs.”
  • Infinity Altars: “In 2020, we expect to see much more color incorporated into these lush designs.”
  • A Sense of Place: “Everything local is having a moment. That’s why more and more brides are placing special emphasis on their venues—they’re choosing to celebrate and showcase the location rather than transform it with out-of-place décor. It’s all about bringing the venue to life in a realistic way. At a vineyard, for example, a couple may request grapes and ivy on the table, as well as bouquets that look as if they’ve been gathered from the garden outside. With the hyper-local movement in full swing, we don’t expect this trend to go anywhere soon.”

  • Whimsical Woodlands: “A canopy of greenery looks lush during the day and dramatic at night—it also looks as though this trend is here to stay.”
  • Organic, Asymmetrical Designs: “Asymmetrical shapes featuring organic vines, berries, branches, and even ornamental objects are fast replacing the impeccably balanced pieces of the past.”

What are you most excited about for 2020?

“Right now, it’s all about using lots of different colors to make a dramatic impact. I’d like to see a shift towards more cohesive color combinations. For example, a blend of soft pinks and peaches is beautiful and romantic, or a mix of moody, dark colors can offer a level of sophistication to this all-over color trend.”

Are there any floral trends for next year that we should be extra conscious about?

“The challenge to be more sustainable is present everywhere. In the floral industry, we’re finding that many couples are opting for flowers grown locally and in-season. We’re also incorporating longer lasting plants like succulents, topiaries, and trees into the more traditional wedding décor. The right combination of flowers and plants can create a gorgeous, earthy atmosphere.”

Are there any specific trends you see for bouquets?

“Minimalism. Inspired by a recent, high-profile royal wedding, petite bouquets are once again gaining ground in terms of popularity. In 2020, expect to see a rise in elegant, understated bouquet styles in classic silhouettes—typically designed with a single type of flower, or just a few pretty varieties.”

Are there any trends to avoid for the next year?

“I’d say artificially colored flowers. There are sometimes moments when whimsical touches like this are appropriate, but I’m a believer in appreciating natural beauty.”