12 Colorful Coats and Jackets To Get You Out of That Winter Slump

By Alexandra Macon

Seasonal affective disorder, aka S.A.D., aka the winter doldrums, is real—just ask anyone living on the East Coast in January. Not only is the temperature frigid, there’s also the matter of having to wear the same coat day after day. And since a winter coat has to somehow go with everything in your wardrobe AND keep you warm, the majority of outerwear tends to come in the practical, but basic form of a black puffer. Wearing black on a daily basis can get boring real fast, and there’s actually a wealth of colorful coats out there that can look chicer and keep you just as toasty. Now, we want a bright, eye-catching coat ourselves to finish out the season in. From pink to pale blue to leopard print, below 12 coats and jackets you should consider for your next winter outing.