Designer Jenni Kayne’s Essential Wedding Registry Advice

By Madeleine Luckel
Photo: Courtesy of Jenni Kayne

If you like fashion, you’re probably familiar with Jenni Kayne’s work. The designer is known for her enviable yet low-key cashmere knits, but most of all, for making the d’Orsay flat into a cult shoe. While Kayne’s fashion business continues to rise, she’s also been quietly establishing herself in the home decor scene. Last August, Kayne teamed up with bedding company Parachute for a capsule collection, and last fall, she debuted her first home decor line of blankets and throws. This week, Kayne has added an additional line to her resume that’s right up our alley: tabletop and kitchenware designer.

The items included in this collection—neutral plates, chic leather vases, gold flatware—all bring to mind your L.A. dream house, but would work well in anyone’s home, too. Kayne’s cheese stone, utensil holder, and cake server all seem poised to become wedding registry must-haves.

A look at Jenni Kayne’s tabletop line.

Her number one piece of advice for recently engaged couples about to head to their local department store with a scanner in hand? “The most important thing to keep in mind is that registering is an opportunity to pick out pieces that reflect the taste, style, and needs of both you and your partner,” Kayne says. “Ask yourself what kind of home you want to build with your partner to live your best lives together.”

“That being said,” she adds,“there’s no need to overhaul completely—keep it simple and stick to what you know you like. It’s also a good rule of thumb to make sure your registry has a wide price range, so that every guest has a chance to celebrate you within his or her means.” Below, she offers more of her thoughts on how to build the perfect registry.

On picking the right dinnerware:
“Dinnerware essentials should have a classic design that never goes out of style. It’s important to consider your lifestyle and what would realistically fit. If you aren’t one for formal dinners, a set of bone china will just gather dust and create clutter. For a truly versatile set of dinnerware, you can’t go wrong with earthenware or ceramics in a neutral palette. A set of four to six dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls—plus a few serving platters—is all you need. As a rule, simple is always best.”

When choosing your kitchenware:
“I find objects much more beautiful when they become fully integrated into my daily life, so form is just as important as function. Kitchen organization is a necessity for me. If the space around me is decluttered, clean, and simple, I can move through my day with a sense of calm, which is an important state of mind for me to be in as I raise my family. Having baskets on hand to store little kitchen tools that might not be the most beautiful things to display really makes for easier, smarter, living.”

On home decor details:
“Natural fibers are a must for me. I’m inspired by nature and organic textures, so bringing these elements into the home are essential for me to feel grounded and balanced. My interior design style is defined by a warm minimalism and quiet luxury. Neutrals are my favorite to decorate with. They go with everything and bring a lot of light into any room.”