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The Bride Hand-Embroidered Every Napkin and Wrote Menus in Different Languages For Her Wedding Reception in Puglia

By Sara Dial | Photography by 

Madison Aycoth

|Planning by 

Marriage and Glamour

Three days after moving to Paris to start fresh, Charlotte Margot Cioli first connected with Alessandro Cioli on a company-wide Zoom call. “I saw his face every week for 15-minute status calls. He was nice, always smiling and wearing sweaters, but I never thought of anything else,” she explains. In May, Charlotte traveled to Madrid to visit their Spanish offices and finally met him in person. 

“Alessandro was so kind to come down and greet me at the lobby of the co-working space. What I didn’t expect was this tall, built man to show up out of the elevator. I distinctly remember having an inner surprise and thinking ‘Woah, that’s Alessandro?’ and then we hugged, which was strange as I never hugged colleagues.” As he explains it, “I went downstairs and there she was. Curiously, I felt an instant connection and I hugged her. I cannot explain why I did it, I don’t hug colleagues. Who does that?”

The next day, the two shared a lunch that was supposed to be spent discussing work projects—safe to say, they talked about everything but that. “We discussed our families, hobbies, and our favorite books,” she remembers. “The next day at work, Alessandro brought me his copy of his favorite book, The Magus. He knew I would enjoy reading it. I was deeply touched by this thoughtful gesture.” 

Soon after, the two were walking the streets of Paris when Alessandro invited Charlotte to Italy with his family. She was instantly met with so much love. “Starting from that meeting, she entered my mind and my heart, and never left,” he shares

Ten months later, Alessandro planned to propose on a romantic walk to the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, but when the ring bore delivery troubles, plans changed. “There had been two attempts to deliver. He got so nervous that it would be returned if the third time failed, so he tried calling the customer service, but they only spoke French,” Charlotte explains. Alessandro admitted he needed help to Charlotte with the unspecified delivery. “As I translated, I realized there was a pretty hefty import tax on this package. I knew immediately what it was and I couldn’t contain my excitement.” When the ring arrived and Alessandro realized that Charlotte already knew; he simply walked into the living room and got down on one knee. 

Once engaged, the couple chose Borgo San Marco on the coast of Puglia for their wedding weekend. The aesthetic highlighted timeless neutrals, natural textures, and authentic elements to elevate the space. They enlisted Michela of Marriage and Glamour to execute every detail while Madison Aycoth caught every moment on camera.

Charlotte chose a Justin Alexander wedding dress and Sergio Rossi heels for the day-of. “My personal style is very classic and functional. I loved the structure, the weight, the pockets, the simplicity, [and] the bustle,” she says of her dress. A custom veil embroidered with “L’Amore Vince Sempre”—Love Conquers All—finalized the strapless A-line look. She accessorized with La Grotta Collective baroque pearl earrings and a yellow gold bangle by UNOde50—a gift from her sister. 

“For beauty, I was heavily influenced by Sofia Richie’s bridal look—simple and very natural,” Charlotte explains “I don’t wear much makeup, so it was important that I still resemble my day-to-day self.” Makeup Artist, Daniela Vinci brought her vision to life. 

Charlotte and Alessandro welcomed guests to Italy with welcome baskets featuring poster prints of digital art by the bride, Italian cookies, a magazine with interviews, games, and articles the couple wrote, and oyster candles by Armstrong Artisan GB.

On May 16, 2023, Charlotte and Alessandro wed in a civil ceremony at the city hall of Monopoli. “Only our families attended this portion, and it was very short and sweet,” the bride notes. Afterward, the newlyweds posed for a few photos in a sun-drenched harbor before heading back to the hotel to change for the symbolic ceremony. 

Then, Charlotte locked arms with her father and walked down the aisle to “Vivaldi” recomposed by Max Richter after the couple’s dog and ring bearer, Franklin, introduced the bride. “Walking into our chapel was an absolute rush,” Charlotte remembers. “I took a deep breath and put all my focus on my future husband waiting there at the altar.”

Charlotte met Alessandro before a stunning array of Nunzia Guerino florals, and the two exchanged vows before loved ones. The bride’s sister and her boyfriend, who are opera singers, gave an elegant performance before the bride and groom sealed it all with a kiss. “I wish I could relive it all the time. It was the most intense and emotional joy I’ve ever felt.”

Guests tossed rice as the newlyweds left the chapel. Everyone celebrated in the courtyard, and the bride threw her bouquet before moving to the reception. A softly lit room detailed with delicate florals and pastels welcomed the guests to dinner. “I hand-embroidered each napkin with our guests’ names,” the bride reveals. “I wax-sealed each invitation with our wedding logo and hand-wrote each menu in whatever language the guest spoke. I also hand-sculpted all the napkin rings to resemble Pugliese Taralli. As an artist, I couldn’t help but get hands-on.”

Whole grain Strascicati, cavatelli with mussels, pork filet, and grilled swordfish were served ahead of the Gourmandise cake. The bride and groom shared a first dance to Charles Aznavour’s “Lei” and Charlotte gave a toast to the guests. “It was so important for me to acknowledge the distance and effort made by our family and friends for this day to become a reality. We were a very intimate group of 38, and I felt we were truly able to enjoy the evening with every single person there,” she shares. 

The newlyweds opened up the party with a Champagne tower and everyone danced the night away as I Papiers queued iconic Italian songs and hits of the ‘60s. The next day, Charlotte and Alessandro waved goodbye to their guests before heading to the Maldives. “We dropped off Franklin in Paris and took a week snorkeling amongst the sea turtles and sunbathing on the deck of our little overwater bungalow,” Charlotte concludes.