Everything You Need to Know About Chiara Ferragani’s Wedding This Weekend

By Over The Moon
Photo: Courtesy of @fedez

Who: Chiara Ferragani, the blogger behind The Blonde Salad and designer of Chiara Ferragani Collection shoes, is set to wed Italian rapper Fedez (Federico Lucia) this weekend in an event that has been called “Italy’s answer to the royal wedding.” For those unfamiliar with the couple, Ferragani is a popular fashion icon and influencer with over 14 million followers on Instagram. Fedez, on the other hand, is followed by 6.2 million people. The two make frequent appearances on each other’s accounts and more often than not are seen engaging in some heavy PDA—seriously, try and find a photo where they aren’t kissing.

When and where: The wedding is set to take place this weekend in Noto, Sicily, a seaside town on the touristy Italian island. The couple will reportedly hold their wedding ceremony at the Palazzo Ducezio, the town’s former town hall, and will later follow with a reception at the 19th-century boutique hotel Dimora Delle Balze.