Everything We Know About the Upcoming Royal Wedding Movie

By Patricia Garcia

The one year anniversary of the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding is coming up and for those who would like to relive it all over again, we have good news: Lifetime is releasing a sequel to their movie Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance that covers the biggest wedding of 2018. Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal will not only fictionally re-enact the lead up to the royal wedding and the big event itself, but according to screenwriter Scarlett Lacey, viewers will also get a glimpse of Harry and Meghan’s first year as newlyweds and how they adjust to their roles as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

This film deals with the drama of planning a wedding: the moment you’d much rather elope, the moment your family might mess it all up—and they nearly do!,” Lacey said to Vanity Fair. “The moment you actually walk down the aisle, the moment you first wake up as husband and wife, the realities of your new life hitting you hard, the first big fight, the first big make-up.”

Something else to look forward to? The celebrity guest list that attended the wedding, which included Oprah Winfrey, Victoria and David Beckham, and Amal and George Clooney, will also all be making appearances in the movie—of course, played by other actors; no cameos here.

As for those hoping for any cattiness on screen between Kate Middleton and Meghan, you can forget about that. Lacey promises the relationship between the two sisters-in-law will be explored in a positive light. “Tabloids and magazines can say whatever they are going to say, but I think seeing those women and how we may have misinterpreted what maybe went on, it’s going to be exciting for fans,” she adds. Instead, the drama surrounding the Markle family and the ups and downs that occurred just days before the wedding will be well covered in the movie.

And while we don’t want to give everything away, Lacey confirmed the couple’s baby news will be a major plot point and that Queen Elizabeth will be making a very special appearance playing a certain parlor game with Harry and Meghan. A royal family game night? Now who would want to miss that? 

Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal premieres May 27 on Lifetime.