The Adorable Way Ina Garten Is Celebrating Her 50th Wedding Anniversary

By Over The Moon

Ina Garten, a.k.a. the Barefoot Contessa, is celebrating her 50th (!) anniversary with her husband, Jeffrey, this weekend. In the lead up to their monumental milestone, the Food Network darling has been sharing adorable vintage photos from their relationship (plenty of 70s hair and 80s fashion in there), plus wise relationship advice for those of us who are curious on how to make a marriage last for half a century. “Marry the right guy,” she said on the Today Show earlier this week when asked for her big secret to relationship success. “Marry somebody who thinks you’re the most important thing in the world and who you think is the most important thing in the world. It’s that simple, isn’t it?”


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And then there was the four month camping trip in Europe in 1971. How about those outfits and the ‘70’s hair??

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That certainly seems to be the case for Ina and Jeffrey, who married when she was only 20 years old (she first spotted him on the Dartmouth campus when she was only fifteen) and have been lovingly devoted to each other since. (She even wrote an entire cookbook for him in 2016 called Cooking for Jeffrey.) In a recent piece in Vanity Fair, where Ina was asked to fill out their famed Proust Questionnaire, most of her answers fittingly centered around the love of her life.

When asked to share her idea of perfect happiness, Ina replied: “Sundays in Paris with Jeffrey. We go to the Sunday market, make a nice lunch, drink a big bottle of Burgundy, and then take a long delicious nap. Heaven.” Agreed. Her greatest regret? “Not marrying Jeffrey sooner.” And as for how she would like to die: “I don’t care as long as Jeffrey and I go together and we end up in a big suite with a view of the ocean.” No, we’re not crying, you’re crying.