Artist Laura Deems Curates a Dream Baby Registry to Make Her Little Girl’s Nursery Feel Like a Treasure Box

By Sara Dial | Photography by

Gracie Eddins

What makes the perfect baby registry? Our Dream Baby Registry series answers just that, providing an endless source of inspiration for those putting together their own Over The Moon registries. We enlisted the help of some of our most stylish and in-the-know friends—whether they’re already proud parents or still awaiting the arrival of a little one. Peek inside the registries of tastemakers, from editors and stylists to influencers and beyond. Your dream registry is just a click away.

Abstract artist and Over The Moon Bride Laura Deems wed Cannon Jarrell at his family’s 200-year-old farm in Georgia two years ago. Fast forward to today, and the two are expanding their family and are expecting their first child—a beautiful baby girl—on June 16. “I am so glad I will share a birthday month with her—June bugs are the best!” Laura exclaims. To prepare for their little Gemini, who will most likely have a “strong yet warm” name (according to her mama), Laura is sharing how she’s curating her Over The Moon Baby Registry

Of course having an artist for a mother means that the baby’s nursery and wardrobe will have a well-thought-out, specific style. “I want her room to feel like a treasure box—a good bit of charm and whimsy but sophisticated,” Laura shares. “I love the thought of her being around different patterns and textures. . .I am the most excited about the canopy we are having made to go over her crib—finding a vintage fabric for that has been quite the hunt!”

Laura was also thrilled to put together her OTM Baby Registry because it made her think of her little one’s future day-to-day life. “I incorporated a good mix of useful/functional items and also fun clothing pieces,” she states. “It’s hard to know what you will use the most/what will work best for your baby, but getting a good chunk of the basics is key—so I’ve heard!”

The artist was most drawn to Marie-Chantal’s selection of baby clothing and Timo & Violet’s embroidered shawl blanket set. “I have heard you can never have enough blankets and cozy things for them to sleep in,” Laura smiles. The mama-to-be is already enjoying Coterie’s newborn gift set, complete with a plush bunny, diapers, wipes, and a travel pouch, from Over The Moon.

And finally, Laura leaves us with what she’s most excited about regarding motherhood: “The whole process of becoming a mom is so beautiful. It does change you even before the baby gets here. It has made me slow down and see that my body is not my own, which is unbelievable. . .Cannon and I both are eager to see what her little legs look like—she has been using them a lot at night time when we get in bed. It has just been a really sweet process, and I can’t wait to lean into it and see how it changes me, our family, and my work in all the best ways.”

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