Oh, Baby! The Ultimate Push Present Guide For A New Mom

By Cathleen Freedman

As most moms know, after you give birth and have your baby, you can take your copy of What To Expect While Expecting and toss it out the window. There are few things that can really prepare you for motherhood. One of the unexpected perks, though, may be the push present. (No one likes the term ‘push present,’ of course, but the idea of gifting postpartum makes perfect sense to us.)

When Serena Williams had her baby girl in 2017, she took to Instagram to ask, “Ladies, is a ‘push present’ a thing? If so what did you get if anything?” and punctuated the caption with “#conversationstarter.” A conversation indeed percolated in the comments section with moms sharing tales of the different push presents they received.

Postpartum gifts aren’t new, but the rise of “push presents” is. Basically, it’s a gift to celebrate the mom and acknowledge her many months of sacrifice leading up to and all the way through labor—and they’re becoming increasingly more common among this generation of mothers. Often, these treasures are presented in the hospital, but they can also be gifted before or after delivery.

The only expectation of a push present is that it be something meaningful. We are firm believers in commemorating the occasion with fine jewelry, but every mom is different. Share this push present guide with a mom-to-be’s partner to let them know exactly what to give her. We have quite a few suggestions.

1. Future Heirlooms

This will be a special trinket that can someday be passed to your baby when they’re all grown up. In the meantime, the new mama gets to enjoy (and wear) this piece. Consider jewels with baby’s birthstone or a necklace engraved with your little one’s name. We love the Marlo Laz Letter Charm Diamond Necklace for its versatility and the fact that it can be worn with just about anything.

2. Everyday Luxuries

Splurge on something that mom will use every day. A Jura coffee machine, for example, will caffeinate her through those tough early days. High-quality Matouk bed sheets will help her rest easy, and a plush bathrobe will bring additional comfort, especially during those postpartum nights.

3. Relaxation and Recuperation

Now here’s a gift that only she will enjoy and, after what she’s been through, deserves. Dr. Barbara Sturm spa treatments and Auberge Resorts Collection hotel stays will give her a much-needed moment to herself.

4. Mementos and Keepsakes

A thoughtful gift like a framed sonogram or first photo of the mother and her newborn will be cherished for years to come.

5. A Shopping Spree

Lastly, give her carte blanche with a gift card. Let her decide if she should get a new postpartum wardrobe, stationery, home decor—whatever she wants. We’re personally partial to an Over The Moon gift card.