A Star Facialist Shares 5 Easy Ways to Get Your Skin Wedding Ready at Home

By Roxana Saidi

As one of New York City’s most trusted and beloved facialists, Kariné Kazarian has been prepping brides for decades, including this Vogue bride, who tied the knot in Colombia, and this one who went through an intense ten-day “bridal bootcamp.” But knowing that there are brides all over the country who can’t book a treatment at Kariné’s Greenwich Village salon IRL, we asked her to share some of her pro tips for how brides (and smart grooms) can improve their skin at home. Below, five tips on how those about to take the plunge can put their best face forward on their wedding day. 

1. Your Face Ends at Your Nipples 

“I’ve been telling all of my female clients this for years: Your serums, moisturizers, toners, whatever you’re using on your face and neck, bring it all the way down to your nipples. Don’t just stop at the collarbones. You will thank me later.”

2. Don’t Wait Until a Few Months Out to Start on Your Skin 

“Most clients begin to think about their skin two to three months out, and start coming in for treatments six to eight weeks out. We recommend finding an experienced aesthetician and creating a program for facials and an at-home regimen starting six to twelve months out. Not only does this time allow for changes in your texture, tone, evenness, and radiance, it can also eliminate the need for botox or filler. We’ve seen faces transform over the course of 6 months with the right combination of products and treatments.”

3. Body Treatments Are Just as Important

“Facials are extremely important but unless you’re getting married in a high neck dress with long sleeves, your body is going to be on display as well. We offer five types of Body Treatments to exfoliate, nourish, and polish the largest organ of the body (your epidermis!) If you don’t live in NYC, Korean spas, resorts, and large hotels usually have a version of a body scrub treatment, and we recommend at least one to two before the big day. If you can’t make it to a spa, use Creme Amnicissante Oxygenante MC 110 with the body glove to get the same results at home. Together these two tone and firm the skin, and diminish the appearance and severity of stubborn cellulite.”

4. Pinch Yourself 

“Thanks to our Instagram, we’re known for the Manual ‘Lift’ Pinching technique at Kariné Kazarian. The word ‘pinching’ is a bit misleading as it’s actually a very soothing massage that brings contour and lift to the face. While doing this treatment we teach our clients how to do it at home on themselves. With one hand you hold the skin up and back from the hairline near the ear and with the other you gently press in with two fingers and wiggle the muscle moving along your jawline, cheekbones, around your eye sockets and forehead.”

5. There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Mask 

“It might sound excessive but there’s good reason for it. Brides should mask two to three times per week for the six weeks leading up to the wedding. In my 40 year skincare career, besides P50, I’ve seen that masks have the power to make the most improvement for every skin type. And not just in the short term, I’m talking about long term improvement in one’s skin. My go-to mask is actually two—Masque VIP 02 and Masque Vivant mixed with a pinch of baking powder. I put on a mask every morning for ten minutes and often this is it. Masque Vernix and Biomagic are two other treasured masks.”

Kariné’s 3 Must-Have Wedding Prep Products 

Biologique Recherche Lotion MC 110 No. 1

Lotion MC 110 

An outstanding exfoliator containing purifying agents (phytoplankton and Burdock), hydrating AHAs, and antioxidants (Vitamins B3). If you love P50, you’ll have an equal affinity for MC110.

At home: Dampen a cotton gauze with Lotion MC 110 and apply to the face tapping. Redefine the oval and shapes of the face starting with neck, lips, cheekbones, eye contour, and forehead. Application must always be done using upward movements from the bottom toward the top of the face. Repeat the application until skin is saturated and its surface maintains a veil of moisture.

Biologique Recherche Masque VIP 02

Masque VIP O2

This dynamic anti-pollution Mask restores the skin to ultimate health and glow. The Masque VIP O2 is loaded with essential fatty acids, elastin and the secret BR oxygenating complex.

At home: Apply after cleaning and toning the skin. Use the Mini Glove blunt side to work the masque into the skin and promote circulation. Leave on for ten to twelve minutes and rinse off with cold water.

Biologique Recherche Body Glove

P50 Body and Glove

Absolutely essential for having even, bright and exfoliated skin from head to toe. It’s important not to forget brides’ arms, chest, back, legs and any other parts that will be exposed over the course of the wedding week should be glowing just like the face. 

At home: To be applied after showering two to three times a week over the entire body. Use the massage glove’s spiky side to exfoliate and promote absorption of the product. Hydrated and renewed, the skin is smoother and glowing, and feels ultra-soft.