How to Get in Wedding Ready Shape According to Model Melissa Wood Tepperberg

By Meredith Bragg

Melissa Wood Tepperberg is one of those people who upon first meeting, you just want to know more about. A megawatt smile and hair that rivals Kate Middleton’s . . . she’d stop anyone in their tracks. But what’s even cooler about Melissa is her crusade for a holistic and healthy lifestyle amidst life’s chaos of being a full-time mother (to the cutest green-juice-drinking three-year-old Benjamin or “B” as she calls him), wife, fitness instructor, and model.

We talked with Melissa just as she was about to log six months as a married lady on April 10th. (Her other half is Noah Tepperberg, the co-owner of successful night club and restaurant brands Marquee, Tao and Avenue.) Once we started chatting, we learned more about the “Melissa Wood Health” way of life, and she shared lots of tips future brides can use to get in KILLER shape before the big day and continue practicing afterwards. (Take one look at her rock solid abs in the pics below, and it’s clear she knows what she’s talking about.)

For Daily Melissa Wood Health Tips and Workout Inspo: Make sure to check out her Instagram @MelissaWoodHealth and profile on the Fitner App.

Photo by: @denniskwanphoto.

What are three workouts you did as daily/weekly preparation for your wedding day?
I live for Pilates and yoga style workouts. A lot of them don’t even require equipment and can be done in your family room in just 15-30 minutes. All of the workouts I share on the Fitner app are the workouts I used to prep a few months before the wedding. The workouts gave me nice long, lean lines in my wedding photos without bulk!

You’re a big believer in green juices . . . walk us through your favorite recipe.
Cucumber, kale, celery, aloe vera, spinach, romaine, lemon and lime. I live for this blend. It will leave your skin glowing. (Make sure to watch her morning Instagram routine with her sweet little boy, Benjamin, they always make a mean green juice to kick start the day!)

Melissa Wood Tepperberg 1

You often refer to your “plant based way of life” what led you to start a plant based diet and when exactly did you make the change?
I suffered from horrible cystic acne, and I knew it was body telling me something wasn’t working. As soon as I eliminated animal products, I saw an immediate change in both my skin, energy, mood, and overall health.

How can Over The Moon readers adapt a version of your plant based diet into their daily routine?
Start slowly by incorporating one green juice per day and adding more greens into your meals. Think of adding in instead of taking away.

Do you have any favorite recipes you can share?
I love a huge green salad loaded with veggies and avocado for lunch with my homemade dressing of raw apple cider vinegar, filtered water, lemon, sea salt, and cayenne pepper.

What are some general health tips . . . mental, physical, dietary that you’d give soon to be brides?
One of the biggest things that made the most difference for me was a meditation practice. Weddings can be stressful but centering and grounding yourself helps put everything into perspective.

Photo by: @denniskwanphoto

Tell us a bit about your wedding . . .
It was honestly anything and everything I could have imagined. It was at The Plaza and the weather was awful that day, but nothing could have brought me down.

How did you choose your wedding dress?
I had the photo of the Berta dress I ultimately bought saved in my phone for about six months before I even tried it on. I didn’t even realize I had saved the picture.

Why did you pick the venue you did?
The Plaza speaks for itself! It takes your breath away as soon as you enter.

If you could do anything differently, what would it be?
I would have washed my hair the night before! My hair stylist told me not to and it’s my biggest regret!

Looking back, what’s your favorite memory of the day?
Holding my son while walking down the aisle with my husband. There was nothing that could have prepared us for how moving this moment was, but it was exactly what my husband and I envisioned.

Has your workout regime changed at all now that you’re married? No. I really work out just as consistently. It is truly my lifestyle.