How To Get Pippa Middleton’s Perfectly Toned Arms


This weekend, like the rest of the world, we spent a lot of time looking at Pippa Middleton’s wedding photos, texting friends back and forth about the dress and comparing notes. Our takeaways? 1) Prince George and Princess Charlotte are two of the cutest kids ever, 2) We wish we looked as chic as Kate Middleton did shushing all of the children whilst wearing Alexander McQueen  when we do the same to our own, and 3) Holy crap Pippa Middleton’s arms are SO toned. Of course, we were expecting perfection—this is the bridesmaid known for her love of sport and the fact that she wore a rather form fitting dress at sister Kate’s wedding after all—but wow, she looked incredible. We immediately booked a spot in the next barre class and bought a 10-pack of hot yoga classes and somehow still didn’t feel like that would be enough. So, we did a little research on “how to get toned arms as fast as humanly possible,” and here is what we took away from a good bit of googling.

  1. We’re finally going to put those hand weights we bought years ago to good use and are starting our mornings with these five moves.
  2. We actually don’t even need hand weights—household products will work just fine! No excuses now . . .
  3. We will be doing these moves slowly, also known as tempo training. By going through the motions slowly, you’re adding even more resistance and in turn increasing the amount of time your muscles are working. You don’t even need to use hand weights (or home products), simple body weight moves work well too—think, pushups and planks.
  4. We were on the right track with yoga. Not only is it great for stretching and lengthening muscles, it is a good toning workout.
  5. Since we certainly don’t have time to add a full arm workout to our already busy day, this treadmill arm workout will do the trick. Multi-tasking at its best!

So there you have it . . . when you see us this summer, hopefully we’ll be sporting our newly toned Pippa Middleton arms!